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Kickoff Team Mixer & Info Session, Thursday, April 6, (Austin Hall) 6 to 7pm

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The Impact Oregon innovation challenges calls on participants to invent hardware-based solutions (physical prototypes) to positively impact Oregon. Examples of areas for impact are provided below. However, these are only examples. Participants can focus on any problem in areas not listed here, as long as they can make a case for how their solution will positively impact Oregon and its residents - and the solution is legal, ethical, non-offensive, etc.

Example ares include:

  •  Oregon’s environment (air, sea, land, water, resources)
  •  Healthcare in Oregon (Wellness, preventive care, elder care, delivery of quality, cost-effective healthcare, etc. 
  •  Quality of life in Oregon (traffic and transportation, housing, community/civic engagement, recreation, economic development)
  •  Education in Oregon (includes pre-K, higher education and lifelong learning. 
  •  Oregon public services (fire protection, police, public utilities)

Solutions addressing the needs of rural and underserved communities are particularly encouraged.

The deadline to submit your application for the competition is Monday, May 15, 2017.




Competition Sponsor: Oregon State Credit Union

$2,000 in prizes (more prizes to be added as sponsorships are confirmed)







Students at a recent HWeekend event. See the video!

Competition Events

Kickoff Team Mixer & Info Session, Thursday, April 6, (Austin Hall) 6 to 7pm

Weekly workshops, Fridays, 2 to 3:20

Weekly mentor sessions, Fridays, 3:30 to 5

HWeekend (Hardware Weekend). Impact Oregon theme

Kickoff & Team Formation Mixer, Friday, April 21 (Austin Hall, 4:30 to 6:30)

HWeekend, Saturday & Sunday, April 22 and 23 (Austin Hall & DAM-Lab Makerspace, meals provided)

You must REGISTER for HWeekend by Friday, April 5

           About HWeekend

HWeekend is a 30-hour event; participants arrive on Saturday morning and by Sunday afternoon, you'll present your final ideas and prototypes. Food and materials are provided for the weekend and participants have access to cutting edge tools including 3D printers, laser cutters, electronics, tablets, computers, and more!

Finalists Demo & Pitch event, Thursday, June 1 (5 to 7:30 pm)


Want credit?

Impact Oregon workshops can be taken for 1 credit.

Freshmen and Sophomores - register using BA 199, Section 006, CRN 60214

Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students - register using BA 405, Section 006, CRN 60215

*Any OSU student can participate in the Impact Oregon Invention Challenge. You are strongly encouraged to attend the workshops and take advantage of the mentor opportunities. However, attendance at the workshops or mentoring is not required.