InnovationX Spring Term Courses

Startup Matters: the Entrepreneurial Journey

When: Wednesdays, from 5 to 6:20 pm

Freshmen and Sophomores - register using BA 199, Section 005, CRN 60212

Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students - register using BA 405, Section 005, CRN 60213

1 credit seminar format

Through interview and discussion with guest entrepreneurs, this course is designed to expose you to a wide array of approaches to launching and scaling a business. Entrepreneurs representing a wide array of industries with products and services targeted to retail/consumer or enterprise customers. Each week a new guest founder will be interviewed by InnovationX Director Sandra Miller and guest faculty to uncover the entrepreneurial journey of our guest founders. 

Austin Venture Lab/Launch Academy

When: Fridays, from 10 to 11:50 am

To Register: BA 199, CRN 56155

An immersive course where students use the DAM-Lab MakerSpace to develop products, design a marketing campaign and launch a real business. The course (BA 199) is two terms (winter and spring) and can be taken for 2 or 3 credits. More info.

The BA 160 Series - Weatherford Garage is two three-credit courses designed for students interested in becoming entrepreneurial leaders. The BA 160 series is taught during winter and spring terms:

  • BA 161 - 'From Awareness to Action' (Winter term) - CRN 39136
  • BA 162 - 'From Ideas to Reality' (Spring term) - CRN 59024

weatherford garageThese courses provide freshmen with the opportunity to work with students from across all disciplines and encourage active engagement in Weatherford programs. Although the courses are listed as business classes, they are open to all Weatherford residents and designed for all majors.

BA 161 focuses on designing a business plan - developing skills in a wide array of business topics such as: marketing, accounting and operations. In BA 162, students are given microloans to implement their business plans - learning the basics of small business management by selling products and launching services.