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Launch Academy in the College of Business is a selective program for innovative and entrepreneurial students like you.

Whether your career in innovation and entrepreneurship will be in a startup or a large corporation, you will need to gain knowledge and skills in many areas, from creativity to competitive market analysis, strategies for funding a new venture and building a startup team. Launch Academy builds upon your academic classes to provide you with opportunities and experiences to help you create and realize your ideas. If you have an idea and are looking for a way to launch it and a supportive community to help you, Launch Academy is for you. 

Why Join?
  • Be part of - and inspired by - a community of peer students who have the passion to bring their big ideas to life.
  • Benefit from classes, events and workshops with enhanced curriculum that emphasizes real-world application, collaboration, creativity and moonshot thinking.
  • Grow your innovation and entrepreneurship professional network through exclusive career development events that help build skills to increase your competitiveness for your dream internships and jobs.
  • Participate in exclusive opportunities to attend small-group discussion forums, seminars and events featuring game-changing entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Looking for team members to get a new idea off the ground? Launch Academy can help you find team members across campus with skills to help you take your ideas forward. 
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College of Business students and prospective students (including business minors) can join Launch Academy by completing this brief application (only 10 questions).

NOTE: to take Launch Academy for credit, register for BA 199 Austin Venture Lab

Launch Academy meets Fridays from 10:00 to 11:00 am in Austin Hall, Room 274.


College of Business students and prospective students (including business minors) actively working on an idea/project for a potential startup, product or service are eligible to apply. actively working on an idea/project for a potential startup, product or service. The idea can be related to your university coursework and research – or an idea of your own. You may be working solo or as part of a team (your team members should join too!). Just getting started? Check out Launch-U to get inspiration for your big idea, build your skills and find team members.

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Launch Academy is a program offered by InnovationX, the OSU College of Business Center of Excellence for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Our mission is to develop the innovation and entrepreneurial knowledge and skills of OSU College of Business students, OSU students across campus, OSU alumni and the greater Oregon innovation ecosystem.


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