With the General Business option, students will complete the same pre-business and pro-school core that other majors require and are also able to select six upper-division business courses to make up the option. These courses are in management, marketing and business administration and are offered on a rotating basis, so students can choose courses throughout their terms at OSU once they are accepted to pro-school. As a sample of what is offered, students may choose from the following:

BA 365: Family Business Management
BA 464: New Venture Financing
MGMT 364: Project Management
MRKT 396: Fundamentals of Marketing Research
BA 460: Venture Management
MGMT 455: Influence and Negotiation
MGMT 457: Supply Chain Strategy
MRKT 492: Consumer Behavior
MRKT 493: Advertising Management
MGMT 453: Human Resources Management
BA 432: Environmental Law, Sustainability, and Business