As a member of the College of Business Community you should strive to:

• treat others with honesty, respect, and courtesy;
• maintain the highest levels of academic integrity;
• act in accordance with ethical and social responsibilities;
• foster a professional learning environment; and
• act in a professional manner.

You are also expected to comply with the law as well as all University regulations and policies that apply to you.  Those University policies include, but are not limited to, the University Student Conduct Regulations, the University’s Discrimination and Harassment Policies and the University’s Policy on Acceptable Use of Computing Resources.  Failure to comply with these laws, regulations, and policies may result in the pursuit of disciplinary action by the College, as detailed further below.

General Statement on Professional Conduct and Academic Integrity

The Guiding Professional Standards for the College of Business Community, subscribed to by all members of the College of Business Community, is intended to support and implement the values held by the College. Those values encompass the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning and scholarship. All members of the College of Business Community accept our responsibility to strive to meet those standards and to act in an ethically proper manner in our dealings with others.  We dedicate ourselves to create and nurture a culture of innovation, cooperation, diversity and mutual respect within the College of Business while recognizing and pursuing the social responsibilities imposed by these values.

A reputation for personal integrity is valuable in the business and broader world.  A good reputation is created through personal behavior and performance over time that is observed by friends, colleagues, and business associates, both superiors and subordinates.
The students, faculty, administrators and staff of the College of Business are committed to fostering and creating a positive, professional learning environment. These goals will be pursued by conduct that is honest, civil, courteous and responsible.

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