The Family Business Minor is intended to prepare students for leadership positions within a family firm.  With a focus on entrepreneurship, it offers students the opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial talents while providing a solid foundation on the risks and challenges facing a family firm, including finances, legal issues, marketing and success planning.  The curriculum will prepare future family business leaders to balance the well-being of the business, the family and individuals, as they address the challenges and opportunities which inevitably arise, day-to-day and during succession.

FAMILY BUSINESS MINOR -- Required Courses (32 credits total):

Successful completion of this minor requires that each course must be completed with a C- or better. In addition, the overall COB GPA in Minor (OSU TAKEN CLASSES) must be 2.5 or higher, and at least 50% of the overall minor credits must be from OSU.  This minor may not be completed in conjunction with the Business & Entrepreneurship Minor.

Course # Title Prerequisites Credits Available Online?
BA 215 Fundamentals of Accounting SOPH   4 Yes
BA 223 (or BA 390) Marketing SOPH, ECON 201 4 Yes
BA 240 (or BA 360)

Intro to Financial Management

SOPH, ECON 201, BA 215 or BA 213 4 Yes
BA 260

Intro to Entrepreneurship

SOPH 4 Yes
BA 351 Managing Organizations JR 4 Yes
BA 365 Family Business Management JR 4 Yes
BA 463 Family Enterprise Governance SR, BA 365 4 Yes
ECON 201 Microeconomics SOPH, MTH 111 4 Yes

Family Business Minor Declaration Application Form