Volunteer to be a COB Buddy

Be paired with an incoming international COB exchange student.  This is a volunteer experience within the College of Business and is an excellent opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills as well as cross-cultural understanding.  With your assistance, support and friendship, the exchange student will adapt more easily to this new cultural experience, learn about OSU and the COB from a student’s perspective, and understand what life is like at an authentic American university.  The exchange students are here for only 1-2 terms typically, which is why having a Buddy is an important way for them to gain the best experience while attending OSU.  If you can't travel abroad (or even if you can), connecting with an international student can be a fun way to gain global understanding and develop your international network.  Click here to complete the COB Buddy application.


Global Internships

Many College of Business students have experienced international internships either through the IE3 Global Internship Program, or through connections made while studying overseas on one of the College of Business exchange programs. 

Our students and recent grads have landed jobs/internships in a variety of countries including Germany, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Japan, China, Ireland and Norway.  For more information on overseas internship opportunities contact the Office of Global Opportunities or your business advisor.


International Degree (currently unavailable pending review)

The International Degree allows students to earn two degrees:  A Bachelor’s degree in any business major plus a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.  This degree program immerses students in another culture through a study abroad or an internship abroad and adds a distinguishing international component to a resume.


Short term or other opportunities

Visit the Office of Global Opportunties to learn more about campuswide options for going abroad. For these programs you would receive Bacc Core, Minor or elective credits.