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Business Administration Degree

Coming to Portland in fall 2018: Our online Business Administration degree will be available in a hybrid format for students who prefer to live and learn in the city. 

Oregon State University's business administration degree offered online is taught by College of Business faculty and produces profession-ready students who provide innovative solutions to complex, global challenges.

Business Administration 

The business administration degree provides students with a broad overview of business; basic skills in accounting and quantitative methods; an understanding of the legal and social environment of business; a background in management and organizational behavior, marketing, finance, and operations management; an understanding of the entrepreneurial process; and the opportunity to integrate course work and further develop decision-making skills through the analysis of business cases.

The undergraduate curriculum in business administration reflects the increasingly complex economic, social and technological aspects of modern business decision-making. Course work emphasizes the development of effective decision making, an understanding of person values and motivation, and the awareness of the interrelationship between business and society.

Learning Ojectives and Goals

Business administration students complete the business core learning goals and objectives.


Click here for a sample four-year plan with no option.
Requirements include pre-business core and pro-school core reflected in the core curriculum link above, plus OSU baccalaureate core, completion of 60 or more upper division credits and completion of at least 180 total college credits.

For more information, including number of prerequisites, click here


Program Electives (49)

Students will be given elective credits to enable you to achieve a degree of specialization and depth to match their interests.

Minor (27)
Students are encouraged to choose a non-business university-approved minor that consists of a minimum of 27 credits, with at least 12 credits at the upper-division level. It's up to them to determine whether the minor has been approved for transcript visibility and to request the notation on their transcript. Students can also choose to complete a coherent set of non-business courses to support their career goals.

Option (24)

Options are designed to allow students tp extend their professional preparation beyond the introductory level in one or more areas. There are five options available to the Business Administration major:

  1. Entrepreneurship for Business Majors
  2. General Business (Available at OSU Cascades campus and Extended Campus)
  3. Hospitality Management (OSU Cascades campus only)
  4. International Business (requires participation in study abroad program)
  5. Supply Chain and Logistics Management 

Some options need to be started in the third year, while others can be completed all during the fourth year. See an academic advisor for more information.


Portland hybrid online program: blending online learning and face-to-face sessions

Starting in fall of 2018, our online Business Administration degree will be available in a hybrid format in Portland for students who prefer to live and learn in the city. This innovative approach combines the convenience of online learning with valuable face-to-face sessions that create community and support student success.

Oregon State University's business administration online degree program provides students with access to an excellent business education with the convenience of online learning.

This degree program is offered by the College of Business and delivered online by Oregon State Ecampus. OSU Ecampus is the university's online education unit that is ranked top 10 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

As an AACSB-accredited program, our curriculum is taught by College of Business professors and instructors who have vast experience in each area of study, focusing on innovation, entrepreneurship and experiential learning.

Face-to-face sessions that students will participate in include: advising, tutoring, professional and leadership skills development workshops, meeting with faculty and work groups, guest speaker series, mentoring, networking, career fairs and corporate site visits.

Once enrolled, students in the business administration program can select an area of focus from the following options: 

  • Digital marketing
  • General business
  • Retail management
  • Supply chain and logistics management


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Why OSU?

01. Access. By blending professional practice into the educational process, we are developing young professionals who understand how to solve real problems, persist through challenges, and lead by example. Our Portland hybrid online program provides the convenience of online courses taught by renowned OSU College of Business faculty with valuable face-to-face sessions that prepare our graduates to be profession-ready when they enter the workforce.

02. The Beaver Network. As a College of Business graduate, you'll be in good company. There are more than 27,000 OSU College of Business alumni in the world.    

03. Analytical Strength. All of our majors are analytically strong. We’ve added analytics courses to our core, and options in analytics in all of our functional areas. Our students are especially strong in skills we know employers want and need: critical thinking, problem solving, logic, pattern recognition, and deductive and inductive reasoning.

04. Hard Work. Employers who hire Beaver alumni routinely cite hard work as a leading differentiator between OSU graduates and graduates from other schools.

05. Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is a required course for all OSU business majors, and we foster a culture of innovation — as a skill through classes, projects and startup programs.


06. National Top 10. OSU is a leader in online education, ranking in the top 10 nationally by U.S. News & World Report.

07. Student Engagement and Professional Development. Our valuable face-to-face sessions create community and support student success by preparing students with skills that employers crave: leadership, teamwork, self-management, ethics, cultural diversity, financial literacy, work ethic, health and well-being, communication skills, critical thinking skills and career management.  

08. Ethics. Every OSU business student completes a course in ethics, and sound decision-making is embedded in every major. 

09. Design. We have design embedded in the College of Business. The only other program in the country that has something similar is Stanford. 

10. Dedicated Faculty. Our faculty are leading researchers in their fields with valuable industry, and dedicated to meeting the needs of students through online and in-person education. The same College of Business faculty who teach our on-campus also teach our online students. 

College of Business Pro-School and Ecampus Orientation for Business Majors

The Pro-School process: 

The College of Business is a professional school, and it is a competitive process to enter pro-school in your preferred major! The college opens applications each term for students who have identified — and are eligible to apply to! — their preferred major. Applications are due the second week of the term.

To learn more about the pro-school application for all College of Business majors, please visit our Advising page for pro-school applicants.

The Business Degree orientation for online students: