Corporate partners


The College of Business relies on strong partnerships with the business community to help prepare the workforce and business leaders of the future. Some of Oregon’s most recognized companies and business leaders are Oregon State University and College of Business partners and graduates. 

Our industry and corporate partners are critical to the business education and experiential learning opportunities that we provide and the way that we prepare our students. We strive to graduates students who are prepared to enter the workforce ready to make an immediate impact, be innovative thinkers and act with integrity, respect and responsibility. 

Industry partners, employers and corporate partners are encouraged to participate in mock interviews, hold industry information sessions, host a student group or recruit in Austin Hall. Off-campus there are also opportunities to engage through a membership in the Business Roundtable, mentoring students, serving on academic advisory boards or providing scholarship resources. 

The formal and most impactful way for companies, businesses and organizations to make an impact is through our Corporate Partnership Program. The program offers different levels of investment that allow for a deeper and more meaningful, long term relationship with the College. These partnerships provide the college resources to provide experiential learning opportunities to students and support of the college’s own Career Success Center. 

To find out more or become a Corporate Partner, contact Danelle Kronmiller