Faculty/Staff Directory

Last Namesort icon Department Office Phone Email
Akroyd, Chris Accounting Bexell 222 541-737-1108 chris.akroyd@bus.oregonstate.edu
Amano, Matt Retired / Emeritus
Andersen, Jayne Advising & Services Bexell 214B 541-737-3716 jayne.andersen@bus.oregonstate.edu
Anderson, Roger Austin Family Business Program 202A Strand Agricultural Buildaing 541-737-6017 roger.anderson@bus.oregonstate.edu
Arck, Matthew Business Solutions Group 100D Bexell Hall (541) 737-4114
Arthurs, Jonathon Global Business Analysis 400C Bexell Hall 541-737-6049 Jonathan.arthurs@bus.oregonstate.edu
Bailes, Jack Retired / Emeritus Jack.Bailes@bus.oregonstate.edu
Baldridge, David Management Bexell 318 541-737-6062 David.Baldridge@bus.oregonstate.edu
Barden, Jeffrey Strategy & Entrepreneurship 400B 541-737-3309 jeff.barden@oregonstate.edu
Barnhart, Michelle Marketing Bexell 407 541-737-1455 michelle.barnhart@bus.oregonstate.edu
Becker, Boris Retired / Emeritus Boris.Becker@bus.oregonstate.edu
Becker-Blease, John Finance Bexell 418B 541-737-6061 john.beckerblease@oregonstate.edu
Bee, Colleen Bee Marketing Bexell 406 541-737-6059 colleen.bee@bus.oregonstate.edu
Berger, Dave Finance Bexell 418D 541-737-2636 dave.berger@bus.oregonstate.edu
Beyer, Erika School of Design and Human Environment Milam 031D 541-737-1121 erika.beyer@oregonstate.edu
Bourne, Amy Accounting Bexell 224B 541-737-6032 amy.bourne@bus.oregonstate.edu
Briggs, Vaughan Strategy & Entrepreneurship Cascades Campus, Bend briggsv@onid.orst.edu
Brooks, Raymond Finance Bexell 430 541-737-3692 Raymond.Brooks@bus.oregonstate.edu
Broome, Jon Marketing & Management Bexell 428 (541) 953-7725 jon.broome@bus.oregonstate.edu
Brown, Carol Emeritus Carol.Brown@bus.oregonstate.edu
Brown, Nikki Close to the Customer (C2C) Project Weatherford EG06 541-713-8041 nicole.brown@bus.oregonstate.edu
Brown, Dan Retired / Emeritus BrownD@bus.oregonstate.edu
Browne, William Retired / Emeritus BrowneW@bus.oregonstate.edu
Burgdorfer, Carl Finance Bexell 107 541-737-4070 carl.burgdorfer@bus.oregonstate.edu
Burnett, Sandy School of Design and Human Environment Milam 023 541.737.9514 sandy.burnett@oregonstate.edu
Burns, Leslie School of Design and Human Environment 219 Milam 541.737.0983 leslie.burns@oregonstate.edu
Caddis, Connie Advising 208 Bexell Hall 541-737-3716 connie.caddis@oregonstate.edu
Calder, Kim Dean's Office - Faculty Services Bexell 304 541-737-4033 Kimberli.Calder@bus.oregonstate.edu
Casey, Jenn Dean's Office - Communications and Marketing Bexell 206A 541-737-0695 jenn.casey@oregonstate.edu
Chanin, Alex Faculty Services Bexell 304 541-737-6057 Alex.Chanin@oregonstate.edu