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Q: What are the alternatives for liquidity in our family business, other than selling out?

Apr 24, 2013

We come across many family businesses that are in the midst of succession planning to allow the older generation to retire.  With the looming tax increases and increased cost and complexity of doing business, the right solution for many of these is to sell the business.  However, many family businesses would rather remain independent, but… Continue reading  Read full story.



Fair vs. Equal in Estate Planning by June Wiyrick Flores of Miller Nash LLP

One of the most difficult questions that family business owners face is how to treat multiple heirs fairly when it comes to estate planning. It’s relatively easy to


2014 Pacific Logging Congress

The 105th Pacific Logging Congress 7th in the Woods Show at Port Blakely Tree Farm, Molalla, Oregon - http://pacificloggingcongress.org/



Suceeding in Succession: Assess Your Personal and Business Readiness

The most successful transfers of family business ownership from one generation to the next require careful planning, preparation and coordination among family members. This session will help you


Good Intentions Are Not Enough; What Gets in the Way of Successful Succession Conversations

Most family business owners understand that a well-crafted succession plan is critical to the continuity of their business across generations. In practice however many family businesses have either


Managing Opportunity Risk for Family Business with Christen Picot - Durham and Bates Agencies, Inc. and Stephen Babson - Endeavour Capital

The business and nature of risk and risk management is fundamentally changing, and family businesses are beginning to look at a risk in a new way. As an


2014 Excellence in Family Business Awards Dinner

Join us as we celebrate our Excellence in Family Business Award Winners!…
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