Can I repeat a class; how do I get the best grade on my transcript?

Yes, classes can be repeated. The College of Business requires a C- or higher to satisfy a degree requirement. Some students may need to take a class more than twice. If the third take is a C- or higher, competency requirements have been met. But the second grade will be used for OSU and College of Business GPAs. In most cases, credits for the same class cannot be earned more than once. So, if a student “passes” a College of Business class with a D, they have earned credits, but still need to repeat the class. They will not earn additional credits when repeating the class. If a student has an F in the second take, 0 credits are attached to an F. So if the student completes the class a third time with an A, the F and 0 credits will stay on their transcripts and impact the GPAs. In other words, they will never earn credits for that particular class. Quickly becomes confusing ... as you can tell.