Launch-U workshops are designed to develop student skills in creativity, innovation, design thinking, making and entrepreneurship. Each workshop is on a different topic. The majority of workshop time is spent on creating and doing, in teams and individually. Launch-U workshops develop your creative muscles. And they’re fun!


Creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking are highly sought after skills – whether the employer is a large company or a startup. Creativity is a resource anyone can tap into, and can be used to benefit our work and our lives. But it is a skill that must be developed and practiced.


A good GPA isn’t enough these days to distinguish your resume. In addition to experience and intelligence, employers are often looking for an “X-factor” and use a variety of approaches to identify creative and innovative thinking in prospective candidates. Launch-U workshops will improve your ability to answer questions such as “Provide an example for how you used an out-of-the-box approach to solve a problem” or “How many beach balls fit in a school bus – and explain how you arrived at that number”. Launch-U workshops will provide you with experiences that you can list on your resume and describe during interviews to provide tangible examples that differentiate you from other job/internship candidates. 


Launch-U isn’t about lectures. There is no grade. No one is an expert. Everyone is exploring and growing. You can choose which workshops you want to join. You don’t have to go to every workshop (but we hope you like it so much you can’t stay away).

 Join us for a Launch-U workshop and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.


Launch-U workshops are held each Friday from 2:00 to 3:30 pm in Austin Hall, Room 274. Just show up. Bring OSU student buddies to create with you. Open to all OSU students.