The Supply Chain and Logistics Management option offers students a focus for their MBA that includes acquiring a solid mastery of international operations and supply chain and logistics management concepts and methods. This MBA option prepares graduates for operations, logistics and supply chain management in the service and manufacturing industries. In the past two decades, the loss of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. triggered attrition of innovation capabilities across many sectors of the economy, contributing to the current anemic economic recovery. The U.S. needs a professionally trained workforce that is able to manage internal operations and global supply chains in the manufacturing and service sectors and in government agencies. Well-trained operations and supply chain managers are also needed in global companies that operate outside the U.S., including companies that operate in the Asia-Pacific Rim.

Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the MBA in Supply Chain and Logistics Management will be able to:

  • Effectively use concepts of operations and supply chain management and qualitative and quantitative methods to make appropriate decisions in international business contexts that include new and unfamiliar situations
  • Design appropriate management plans for global supply chains that are lawful, ethical and environmentally and socially responsible
  • Develop a global outlook that reflects changes experienced and anticipated by firms and industries and understand the requirements for effective change management in global operations and supply chains

The Supply Chain and Logistics Management option requires 60 credit-hours of coursework, including:

Core-1 coursework (15 credits)
BA 513 Business Legal Environment (3)
BA 514 Operations Management (3)
BA 515 Managerial Decision Tools (3)
BA 516 Creating Value in Exchange (3)
BA 517 Markets and Valuation (3)

Note: Core-1 requirements may be waived if a candidate has a recent undergraduate major in business, or has completed equivalent coursework within an undergraduate business minor. 

Core-2 coursework (27 credits)
BA 528 Financial and Cost Analysis (3)
BA 540 Corporate Finance (3)
BA 550 Organization Leadership and Management (3)
BA 555 Practical Business Analysis (3)
BA 561 Supply Chain Management (3)
BA 569 Advanced Strategic Management (3)
BA 572 Advanced Information Systems (3)
BA 590 Marketing Management (3)
MGMT 559 Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (3)

Supply Chain and Logistics Management coursework (15 credits)
BA 551 Supply and Sourcing Management (3)
BA 552 Manufacturing and Service Operations (3)
BA 554 Lean Enterprise Management and Capstone (3)
BA 557 Global Logistics Management: Fundamentals and Strategy (3)
BA 578 Supply Chain Analytics (3)

Restricted Elective coursework (3 credits)
BA 531 Business Law – Technology/New Ventures (3)
BA 562 Managing Projects (3)
BA 573 Data Analytics  for Competitive Advantage (3)