The MBA option in Corporate Finance will provide training for students in financial issues at the firm level. These issues include the process by which companies raise capital, decide on a capital structure, implement hedging strategies and develop governance structures. The option culminates in a capstone course in the market for corporate control where students will develop the ability to conduct analyses and valuation of transactions in this market. Graduates from this program will be well-suited for careers in traditional corporate finance settings, as well as in investment banking.

Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the MBA in Corporate Finance will be able to:

  •  Appraise the risk profile of firms; specifically, be able to estimate the costs of capital, including debt and equity capital using financial data
  •  Analyze specific operational/financial risks and apply appropriate hedging strategies         
  •  Evaluate strategic alternatives available to multinational corporations to manage foreign exchange exposures  
  •  Identify and explain corporate agency conflicts and resolutions           
  •  Assess corporate capital structure choice and its implications on value and performance   
  •  Explain the process and economic rationale for transactions in the market for corporate control
  •  Assess transactions in the market for corporate control using valuation technique

The Corporate Finance option requires 60 credit-hours of coursework, including:

Core-1 coursework (15 credits)
BA 513 Business Legal Environment (3)
BA 514 Operations Management (3)
BA 515 Managerial Decision Tools (3)
BA 516 Creating Value in Exchange (3)
BA 517 Markets and Valuation (3)

Note: Core-1 requirements may be waived if a candidate has a recent undergraduate major in business, or has completed equivalent coursework within an undergraduate business minor. 

Core-2 coursework (27 credits)
BA 528 Financial and Cost Analysis (3)
BA 540 Corporate Finance (3)
BA 550 Organization Leadership and Management (3)
BA 555 Practical Business Analysis (3)
BA 561 Supply Chain Management (3)
BA 569 Advanced Strategic Management (3)
BA 572 Advanced Information Systems (3)
BA 590 Marketing Management (3)
MGMT 559 Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (3)

Corporate Finance coursework (15 credits)
FIN 542 Investments (3)
FIN 544 Financial Risk Management (3)
FIN 545 International Financial Management (3)
FIN 546 Advanced Corporate Finance (3)
FIN 549 Market for Corporate Control (3)

Elective coursework (3 credits)
Advisor-approved graduate business course (3)