colleen bee marketing mba track

Overview: The curriculum is designed to provide knowledge in three areas: general business, marketing management and market research. Students will meet the core MBA learning goals and objectives. The Market Research specialization requires 60 hours of coursework, including 15 credit hours of Core-1 courses, 27 credit hours of Core-2 courses and 10 credit-hours within the Market Research option, and eight hours of elective credit.

Learning Outcomes:

Graduates of the MBA in Market Research will be able to:

  • Develop and communicate research-driven insights and understand how they can be applied in the development of marketing strategy.
  • Formulate and structure market research problems.
  • Understand and determine appropriate research designs to address various marketing questions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand and analyze quantitative data.
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand and analyze qualitative data.

Coursework: The Marketing option requires 60 credit hours of coursework, including:

Core-1 coursework (15 credits)
BA 513: Business Legal Environment (3)
BA 514. Operations Management (3)
BA 515. Managerial Decision Tools (3)
BA 516. Creating Value in Exchange (3)
BA 517. Markets and Valuation (3)

Note:  Core-1 requirements may be waived if a candidate has a recent undergraduate major in business, or has completed equivalent coursework within an undergraduate business minor. 

Core-2 coursework (27 credits)
BA 528. Financial and Cost Analysis (3)
BA 540. Corporate Finance (3)
BA 550. Organization Leadership and Management (3)
BA 555. Practical Business Analysis (3)
BA 561. Supply Chain Management (3)
BA 569. Advanced Strategic Management (3)
BA 572. Advanced Information Systems (3)
BA 590. Marketing Management (3)
MGMT 559. Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (3)

Market Research coursework (10 credits)
MRKT 596 Market Research Design and Methods (3)
MRKT 581  Applied Quantitative Marketing Analysis (4)
MRKT 582. Applied Qualitative Marketing Analysis (3)  

Elective coursework (8 credits
BA 510. Internship (4)
MRKT 586. CRM Data Analysis (4)
MRKT 589. Personal Selling Skills Development (4)
MRKT 592. Consumer Behavior (4)
MRKT 593. Advertising Management (4)
MRKT 595. Retail Management (4)
and/or other courses as approved