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In the Oregon State University College of Business, we educate our students to be the kind of people we want to work for – people who work hard, earn success and lead by example as innovative, socially responsible and globally minded business people.

Our promise to our students is that we work hard, too. We work to create curriculum that matters to your career and to your employer. We work to provide high-quality courses led by faculty members who know where industry trends are headed, to enable you to learn from experts and peers. We work to make the program flexible so you can balance life, work and self-improvement. We work to connect our students to other hard-working Oregon State alumni who are creating change in their industries.

We are a business school community that comes to work every day committed to empowering students like you to turn their efforts into exciting results.

Why choose the Oregon State University MBA?

  • We have a focus on applied projects. We bring together students and industry to find solutions to problems that companies face in managing or growing their businesses. Projects defined by industry are solved through the efforts of student teams working under faculty and partner mentorship. 
  • We offer a strong support system. Earning an MBA takes time and effort, but you won't be going at it alone. Our faculty understand these challenges and are ready to help you succeed in the classroom and beyond. Your advisors will play a large role in your success by meeting with you on a regular basis to ensure you are on track to earn your MBA in your chosen track. Finally, the College of Business helps students forge a network among successful alumni and professionals, fostering relationships, promoting mentorship and enhancing career management success.
  • Our program is uniquely flexible: You can earn your MBA as a full-time or part-time student. We offer part-time options in Portland and Corvallis and full-time options in Corvallis. You can earn your degree via hybrid model or attend all of your classes in-person. Our Portland programs are taught using a hybrid model in which about 80 percent of the course material is available online while the remaining content is presented during face-to-face class sessions, where students interact with classmates, faculty and local business leaders. Our Corvallis programs are in-person.
  • We're an AACSB-accredited college. Courses are taught by Oregon State University faculty members who are experts in their fields and have business experience. AACSB accreditation is known worldwide as the longest-standing, most recognized form of specialized/professional accreditation an institution and its business programs can earn. Fewer than 25 percent of the business schools in the US have earned this distinction.
  • You can customize your experience. You can choose from multiple tracks, many of which are offered in both in Corvallis and in Portland. Our program tracks are designed with feedback from alumni and industry partners and are a direct response to market needs, which translates into an MBA that meet students’ needs while positioning them well for their careers.
  • We'll help you plan and execute a successful job search. Our Career Success Center hosts resume reviews, mock interviews and other professional development workshops to help you put your best foot forward with your future employer. The center is also responsible for creating opportunities for MBA students to interview for full-time and internship positions at leading organizations.