Note:  All materials must be received by January 15th to ensure consideration for entry the following Fall Term and for the Graduate Assistantship.

A Complete Application Includes:

  1. Application for Admission to the Oregon State University Graduate School.
  2. Paid application fee of $60.
  3. Graduate Record Examination scores (GRE)
  4. Official college or university transcripts (undergraduate and graduate).
  5. Statement of professional goals and area of concentration.
  6. Three letters of reference.
  7. Answer written Questions for Applicants

In addition:

International applicants:

  1.  TOEFL scores
  2. Financial certificate with supporting documentation sufficient financial resources for the desired academic year.  

Doctoral Applicants

  1. Doctoral program applicants must provide evidence of research capability, e.g., a thesis or published research paper.


Minimum Admission Requirements for SDHE Graduate Programs

Prior Degree

Applicants for master’s degree must have a baccalaureate degree (or complete a baccalaureate degree before beginning the graduate program) from an accredited college or university. International students must have completed the equivalent of a four-year American baccalaureate degree. Applicants for doctoral degree must complete a master’s degree (or complete a master’s degree before beginning the doctoral program) from graduate program at an accredited college or university.


SDHE requires a minimum undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 (on a 4-point scale) for master’s degree and a minimum master’s GPA of 3.5 (on a 4-point scale) for doctoral degree.


SDHE requires only the General GRE test; GRE subject tests are not required. The general GRE is required for all graduate applications. GRE scores cannot be more than five years old at the time of application. The minimum requirement for Analytical Writing score is 3 and the minimum requirement for Quantitative and Verbal is 40 percentile or a combined percentile of 100. To be considered for graduate teaching assistantships, it is highly recommended that the Analytical Writing score is 4 or above and the Quantitative and Verbal section is at least 50 percentile.


Applicants for merchandising management graduate programs can use GMAT in place of GRE. Minimum total score of 500, and verbal, quantitative, integrative reasoning and analytical writing sub-scores in at least the 20th percentile.

Language Proficiency

The Test of English as a Foreign language (TOEFL) is required of all international applicants whose native language is not English, including those transferring from English speaking colleges and universities. Minimum score of 575 on the paper based version, a minimum score of 91 total and sub scores of at least 22 on the internet based version (iBT), or a minimum score of 7 on the IELTS.

Meeting minimum requirements does not ensure acceptance.

Advice for Application Components


1. Application for Admission to the Oregon State University Graduate School:

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2. Application Fee:

  • A $60 check or money order in U.S. dollars payable to Oregon State University. Applicants applying electronically must pay by Visa/MasterCard/Discover Card. If no credit card is available, please us the paper application.

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3. GRE:

  • GRE Website
  • Submit official scores completed in the last five years from the GRE.

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4. Transcripts:

  • Official college or university transcripts for all college course work (undergraduate and graduate) are required.
  • Must show numerical grades, based on 4.0 or 5.0 scales.
  • International applicants must provide a certified English translation of their academic transcripts obtained from the institution that issued the transcript.
  • Applicants whose previous coursework is not related to the SDHE emphasis area in which they intend to study, may be required to take undergraduate prerequisite coursework as part of their graduate studies in the School. Time to degree completion will be increased by 1 to 2 years for students taking prerequisite coursework. Specific prerequisite coursework will be determined upon entrance to the program by each student’s major professor.

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5. Statement of Professional Goals and Area of Concentration

Your statement of professional goals should be as clear and specific as possible and demonstrate your writing ability. You should state your intended area of concentration (e.g., Merchandising Management, Apparel Design, Interior Design, Textiles etc.). Include the following in your statement:

  • description of your objectives in pursuing the graduate degree,
  • career goals,
  • research interests, and
  • pertinent experience.

Attach your statement of professional goals through the online application system. 

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6. Letters of Reference

  • Three letters of professional reference are required. 
  • If you have a master's degree, one reference letter should be from the major professor of that degree.
  • Your letters of reference should be from individuals who can speak to your ability to succeed in a graduate degree program, preferably from academic professionals in your intended area of study. 
  • Provide the individuals who are writing you letters of reference with your plans for graduate work, the schools to which you are applying, information on your background, a resume, and a written statement of your future plans.
  • Request all references at least one month in advance of the deadline and check the system periodically to see that they have been completed.  Your application will not be considered until all components have been received. 
  • Please use the electronic Letter of Reference and Document Upload System.  Within two days of completing the graduate admissions online application, you will receive an email explaining the electronic letters of reference process.

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7.  Questions for Applicants

Please answer all the questions for the graduate degree in which you are applying. 

Masters applicants:

  1. Why do you wish to pursue a Master’s degree in Design and Human Environment? Why do you feel our program here at Oregon State University is a good fit to your objectives of pursuing your degree?
  2. Describe a project you completed as an undergraduate that you are proud of and explain why.
  3. What is your strongest personal asset?
  4. Discuss your: a) analytic abilities and b) oral and written communication skills


Ph. D. applicants:

  1. Why do you wish to pursue a Doctoral degree in Design and Human Environment? Why do you feel our program here at Oregon State University is a good fit to your objectives of pursuing your degree?
  2. Please describe your research experiences and strength by discussing the research design, data collection and data analysis methods you used in conducting previous studies (up to 3 projects) and explain why such designs/methods.
  3. What is your definition of research? What do you like most about research? What excites you about research and the research process?
  4. What is your strongest personal asset?
  5. Discuss your: a) analytic abilities and b) oral and written communication skills