How to Apply

International Business Option Requirements

Thailand Beach

Prerequisite Courses & Eligibility Criteria

BA 352, Managing Individual and Team Performance

BA 390, Marketing

FIN 340 or BA 360, Finance

BA 348, Int'l Exchange Orientation (take if admitted to program)

BA 347, Int'l Business (may take before or after program)

Students must have a minimum 2.75 COB GPA, be admitted into Pro-School and be in late-Junior or Senior standing prior to the term going on exchange.


Requirements to complete the International Business Option


  • Complete 18 credits of approved coursework with each course grade being equivalent to an OSU C- or better
  • Complete the IB Capstone course, BA 349 Impact of Culture on Business, after returning from exchange program


Australia exchange program:
Although the International Business Option cannot be earned on the UTS exchange program, UTS will accept Sophomore-level Pre-Business majors with a minimum 2.75 COB GPA. Requires taking BA 348 International Exchange Orientation class but not the BA 349 IB Capstone course.

Application Process

Step 1: Application

In addition to submitting the online application linked below, please submit the following items to:

c/o Fred Polinder
College of Business Advising
122 Austin Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331

  1. Essay, 1-2 pages double-spaced. Describe your travel experiences in the USA and/or abroad and what you learned about yourself through these travels.
  2. Resume and cover letter. Address the following question in cover letter: What do you anticipate will be the single greatest challenge for you participating in a study abroad experience?
  3. Two references. See the References page to download two reference forms.

Submit the online application: When applying, select your 1st choice location. If you are selected for an interview then you can make known your 2nd and 3rd choices. If you submit the online application, you will be charged a non-refundable $50 application fee to your student account. If you have technical difficulties with the online application, please contact International Programs

Apply for a COB Exchange Program

Application submission deadlines:

January 15 for fall term programs (all locations)

October 10 for winter/spring term (Feb-Jun) Australia program at University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

October 10 for spring term Germany program at Bad Mergentheim Business School



Step 2: Interview

All students who meet the eligibility requirements will be invited for an interview with COB Exchange Coordinators/Advisors. Interviews are scheduled shortly after the application deadline and last about 30 minutes. Be prepared to give a short presentation on the following topic: Based on your personal, educational and professional goals, explain why you should be placed in the exchange program location that you have selected?

The interview process is extremely important for helping the Exchange Coordinators determine the placement of each eligible applicant.

Applicants are selected for the Exchange Program based on their perceived adaptability, maturity level and academic performance. Please note: A conduct check is run on all applicants.


Step 3: Placement Decisions Announced and Program Fees Due

If you are accepted into the program and you accept the program location offered to you, then by confirming your participation you agree to pay the program fee of $400. This amount will be billed to your student account around week two of spring term when the BA 348 orientation class begins. The program fee is non-refundable.

Important Notes Regarding Specific Programs:

Germany - There is no language requirement for students interested in participating in the Germany exchange. However, if you are interested in pursuing an internship after completing classes, then you must have German language proficiency at the third-year level. If you are interested in doing an internship after your exchange in Bad Mergentheim, plan to meet with an advisor about one year in advance.

Czech Republic - In order to obtain a Czech visa, participants must purchase health insurance from a recommended provider in the Czech Republic in addition to the mandatory OSU study abroad insurance coverage. Information about recommended insurance providers will be discussed after acceptance into this program.

Spain - In order to obtain a Spain visa, participants must appear in person at the San Francisco consulate prior to departure in order to apply for their visa. Information on this will be provided, but this is an additional cost to participants. Please note that knowledge of the Spanish language is not required to succeed academically. Nevertheless, applicants will be required to write a short essay in Spanish when they submit application materials to the University of Murcia (this process occurs after being accepted into the exchange program by the COB). The Spanish essay requirement is implemented to encourage students to understand that interactions outside of the classroom may require basic Spanish speaking skills.

Denmark - In order to obtain a Denmark Student Residency Permit, students must appear in person at the Sacramento consulate.

Students Holding a Non-U.S. Passport

Students who do not have a U.S. passport must do their own research and direct any questions they may have to the consulate officials of the country they plan to study in regarding the requirements for obtaining any necessary visa and/or residency permit.