Applying to Pro-School for Business Majors

The College of Business (COB) is a professional school. You identify your preferred major during the application process. Applications are due the 2nd week of the term. Remember--the process is competitive! 


Eligibility Summary:  

To be eligible to apply to Pro-School, all of the following must be true:

  1. Must be a current OSU Pre-Business major
  2. Must reach 90 credits by the end of application term (junior standing)
  3. Have completed or be registered to complete all remaining Pre-Business Core requirements in the application term. 
  4. Be compliant with COB Progression Standards. This includes having a COB GPA of 2.5 or higher if you taken three or more courses in the Business Degree Program Coursework.  
  5. Have grades of C- or higher in all Business Degree Program Coursework, including any transfer courses that satisfy business program requirements. Do not apply if you are currently repeating a D or F grade in any of these classes.
  6. Have an All-Inclusive Business (AIB) GPA that is equal to or higher than the Eligibility AIB GPA for the major(s) for which you are applying. See below for detailed information on AIB GPAs.

When to Apply:

You must meet all Pro-School eligibility requirements to apply to Pro-School. You will be notified of a decision during the term you applied, typically around week 7. If accepted, you will be admitted to Pro-School for the following term. 

Application periods for upcoming terms:

Fall 2014:

Application opens- September 12, 2014
Application closes- October 12, 2014

Winter 2015:

Application opens- December 19, 2014
Application closes- January 18, 2015

Spring 2015:

Application opens- March 27, 2015
Application closes- April 12, 2015

Summer 201:

Application opens- June 20, 2014
Application closes- July 6, 2014

Pro-School AIB GPA Definitions:

AIB GPA: The AIB GPA is your All-Inclusive Business GPA. It consists of grades from all the Business Program Coursework including those taken at OSU and transfer institutions.

Eligibility AIB GPA:  To be eligible to apply to a major, students must have an AIB that is equal to or higher than the Eligibility AIB GPA.  If a student’s AIB GPA is below the Eligibility AIB GPA for a major, then the student is not eligible to apply to that major. Meeting or exceeding the Eligibility AIB GPA does not guarantee acceptance into the major. 

Competitive AIB GPA: This is the minimum AIB GPA needed in order to be competitive when applying for a given major. Meeting or exceeding the Competitive AIB GPA does not guarantee acceptance into a major.


Majors and Pro-School Eligibility & Competitive AIB GPAs for Acceptance:

This table of information pertains only to the SUMMER 2014 application period. Admission is competitive. Meeting the Eligibility AIB GPA and/or the Competitive AIB GPA does NOT guarantee admission to Pro-School.

(click titles for descriptions)






Business Information Systems















*Additional Accountancy Requirements:

A grade of "C" or better is required in both BA 211 and BA 213 if applying for the Accountancy major. All Accountancy major coursework must be taken on a graded [A-F] basis. Selection into the Accountancy major primarily occurs in the fall, and accepted students are admitted into the Accountancy major for winter term1. Those students who have an AIB GPA of a 3.0 or higher may be considered for early admission during the application processes in the winter, spring and summer terms.

 1Students who meet minimum eligibility requirements will be given access to ACTG 317 for fall term.

Accountancy applicants must also submit a resume by uploading it into the application. Resumes must be submitted using MS Word or PDF file formats.

Accountancy majors will be also expected to sign the Accountancy program Statement of Ethics on the first day of class in ACTG 317.

Application Requirements:

Complete applications must be submitted by the deadline. In addition to the application questions, there is an agreement to comply with the COB Academic and Professional Standards. You can add any additional information you feel is pertinent to your application. Accountancy applicants must also submit a resume.

Please note the following regarding the Pro-School application:

  • By completing the application, you agree to an automatic change of your academic record to reflect your new major if you are accepted into that program.
  • You may be admitted into up to two majors per application and you can only submit one application per term.
  • Students wishing to apply for two business majors may do so in one application period but applicants must make this clear in the application - see the supplemental question at the end of the application if you plan to pursue this option.



There is a standard, non-refundable fee of $50 that will be charged to an applicant's student account upon acceptance into Pro-School. This application fee applies to NEW applicants only. Students applying to add a new major, change majors, denied admission and/or deemed ineligible to apply will NOT be charged.


Other Options Available:


First/Second Choice of Major or Double Major:

It is highly recommended that you have more than one choice of major. If you are accepted into both majors then you will be placed into your first choice major.

Or, you may apply to double major. If you apply to double major, then you may potentially be accepted into both majors.


Early Access to Pro-School Classes:

Pre-Business majors may request early access to take up to 3 Pro-School courses before entering Pro-School.

Go to the Request Early Access to Pro-School Core Courses webpage for more information.


Adding/Changing Majors After Entering Pro-School:

  • Pro-School students can apply to add or change their major during any term by using the Pro-School online application. Students must meet the eligibility criteria for the new major, otherwise, the application will not be considered
  • Pre-Business students may apply for two majors at once when they submit their first application.


Application Tips:

Important note before you submit your application: If you are required to upload any documents into the application (MS Word or PDF format only), please make sure your name and/or student ID number is indicated (either in the document and/or in the title of the document). You should compose your answers to the essay questions in a separate word document and then cut and paste those answers into the application.

  • Check your grammar and spelling before you submit your application.
  • Compose a thoughtful answer to each essay question. It is recommended that you copy and paste the responses into the application form.
  • Send all transcripts to OSU for any Pre-Business coursework done elsewhere BEFORE you apply. And, upload unofficial transcripts onto the application if the courses are not yet showing in MyDegrees. If you are currently taking your last Pre-Business course(s) at another institution, then mention that in the 'additional information' section on the application and write in the school and course number(s). More importantly, upload a copy of your course schedule into the application where indicated.
  • When explaining why you selected a major, do not indicate why it may be your second choice major if it is in fact your second choice.
  • Do not miss the application deadline.


Preview the Application Essay Questions

Students applying for admission to Pro-School will be required to answer the following essay questions on the application.

PLEASE NOTE: Students already in Pro-School who are applying to add or change majors are not required to answer these questions and will not receive a prompt to do so.

  • Please describe how you would contribute to the diversity of ideas and perspectives within the College of Business. (Limit your answer to 1000 characters - approximately 150-250 words.)
  • Describe examples of your leadership experience in which you significantly influenced others, helped resolve disputes, or contributed to group efforts over time. Consider responsibilities to initiatives taken in or out of school. Your answer must include at least one real-life example of an activity, event or responsibility that you personally experienced. (Limit your answer to 1000 characters - approximately 150-250 words.)
  • Explain what you have done to make your community a better place to live. Give examples of specific projects in which you have been involved over time. (Limit your answer to 1000 characters - approximately 150-250 words.)
  • You will also be expected to describe how completion of your selected major will help you achieve your overall career objectives.  (Limit your answer to 1000 characters - approximately 150-250 words.)

It is highly recommended that you compose your answers to the essay questions inside of another document (i.e. MS Word) and check for a word/character count, as well as proper grammar and spelling prior to starting the application. You may then cut and paste your answers into the appropriate locations on the application. If your responses exceed the limit provided, they will be cut off on your application.



Documented Disability: You may petition to request an exception to the eligibility requirements due to a documented learning disability. You will be required to authorize the DAS office to discuss their documentation with the Associate Dean of Academic Programs. Students receiving accommodation for disabilities may be considered for admission into Pro-School based on their academic performance over a minimum of the three most recent terms of accommodation. Petitions must specify first-term accommodation requests.


What if You are Not Accepted:

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the College of Business to admit everyone into their desired majors, and there are always some students who do not get accepted to Pro-School at all.  If this happens to you, then it is a good idea to consult with an advisor to think through your next steps.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself before you see an advisor:

Do I want to…

  1. Work on raising my business GPA and then reapply another term to the major(s) I selected?
  2. Consider applying for a less competitive Corvallis campus business major in a future term?
  3. Consider applying to a less competitive business major in a future term at the Bend campus?  OSU Cascades in Bend offers a Business Administration major with either a General Business or Hospitality Management option—both of which admit students who meet the minimum 2.5 AIB GPA.  They also offer the Accountancy major in Bend, check with a Bend advisor regarding the minimum AIB GPA required.
  4. Consider pursuing a non-business major?  There are several majors on campus with lower or no GPA requirements, some of which can be finished in a similar amount of time. See link below for a sample list of Business-related alternative majors.

 List of Alternative Business-related Majors


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