Business & Entrepreneurship Minor

With an innovative curriculum taught by dedicated professors, the Business and Entrepreneurship minor provides you with a fundamental stepping stone on the road to identifying and commercializing business opportunities in any type of organization. Learn to recognize business opportunities and gain fundamental business skills essential for launching a new venture or idea.

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Business and Entrepreneurship Minor Required Courses: specific predetermined classes that must be completed to earn the Business and Entrepreneurship minor. Students need a C- grade or better in all of the Required Courses to satisfy the requirements of the minor.

Business and Entrepreneurship Minor Elective Courses: list of BA classes that students may choose from to complete their Bus & Entre minor. Students need  a C- grade or better in ONE of the Elective Courses to satisfy the elective requirement of the minor.

Business and Entrepreneurship Minor GPA: this GPA includes ALL grades (OSU Grades ONLY) from the following:

  • ALL Bus & Entre Minor required classes
  • One Bus & Entre Minor elective class provided the student earned a C- or better.  If the grade is below a C- it’s not included in this GPA
  • If a student has completed more than one Elective Course, then the course with the highest grade at or above a C – will be used

Required Courses:

Course # Title Prerequisites Credits Available Online?
BA 215 Fundamentals of Accounting Sophomore standing (SOPH) 4 Yes
BA 260 Intro. to Entrepreneurship SOPH 4 Yes
BA 351 Managing Organizations JR 4 Yes
BA 360 Into. to Financial Mgt JR, ECON 201, BA 215 or BA 213 4 Yes
BA 390 Marketing JR, ECON 201 4 Yes
ECON 201 Intro to Microeconomics* SOPH, MTH 111 4 Yes

*Course fulfills Social Processes & Institutions Baccalaureate Core requirement.

Elective Courses:

Course # Title Prerequisites Credits Available Online?
BA 230   Business Law  Sophomore standing (SOPH) 4 No
FIN 341 Investments ** Junior standing (JR), FIN 340 or 360 4 No
FIN 342 Corporate Finance ** JR, FIN 340 or BA 360 4 No
BA 357 Operations Management ** JR, BA 275 or 276 4 Yes
BA 362 Social Entrepreneurship ** JR 4 No
BA 363 Technology and Innovation Management ** JR, BA 260 4 No
MGMT 364 Project Management ** JR, BA 351 or BA 352 4 Yes
MGMT 365 Family Bus. Management ** JR 4 Yes
MRKT 396 Fundamentals of Marketing Research ** JR, BA 276 or Stats course, BA 390 4 Yes
MGMT 452 Leadership ** Senior standing (SR), BA 351/352 4 No
MGMT 453 Human Resources Mgt ** SR, BA 351/BA 352 4 No
BA 460 Venture Management ** SR, BA 260, BA 351/352, BA 390 4 No
BA 463 Family Business Management ** Instructor Permission required (see advising for details) 4 No
BA 467    or
ENGR 467      
New Venture Laboratory ** SR, BA 357 and BA 458 4 No
BA 468 Tech. Commercialization ** SR BA 363 or instructor permission 4 No
MRKT 492 Consumer Behavior ** SR, BA 390 4 No
MRKT 495 Retail Management ** SR, BA 390 4 No
MRKT 497 Global Marketing ** SR, BA 390, BA 347 4 No
MRKT 498 Services Marketing ** SR, BA 390, Bend Campus Only 4 No

** These courses will require an override from an advisor in the COB Advising Office

Eligibility Requirements: 

To be eligible to declare the minor you must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • Have a C- or better in any Bus & Entre Minor Required Courses
  • Have a Bus and Entre Minor GPA of 2.5 or higher (OSU grades only)
  • Be in good standing at OSU with a 2.0 cumulative OSU GPA and a 2.0 GPA from the most recent term at OSU (OSU Grades only)


How do I Declare the Minor?

  • View the required online minor orientation (see link at top of this page) and follow the instructions to request an evaluation
  • Within a week after being evaluated, you will receive an e-mail indicating whether you were accepted or denied
  • If accepted, the COB Advising office will submit all necessary forms to the Registrar's office to have the minor added for you


If I am a Postbaccalaureate student, how do I declare the minor?

If you have already graduated with a BA/BS degree, your declaration process is different. Please follow the steps below.

  • Apply to OSU as a postbaccalaurate credential seeking student.
  • Your application will be forwarded to the College of Business for review.
  • If accepted, you will be notified via email.
  • This email will instruct you on how to complete the declaration process.


How do I earn the minor?

  • Completion of all Required Courses with a C- or better in each class
  • Completion of one Elective Course class with a C- or better
  • Completion of a minimum of 27 credits of approved coursework
  • Have a Business & Entrepreneurship Minor GPA of 2.5 or higher (OSU grades only)
  • All Required and Elective classes must be taken for a letter grade (A-F) – you cannot S/U any of these courses
  • If retaking courses, refer to the Retaking Courses policy to see which grade will be used to compute the GPA.
  • At least 51% of the Required and Elective courses used to satisfy the Business & Entrepreneurship Minor requirements must be taken at OSU.
  • Transfer courses that are equivalent may be used to satisfy course requirements and those transfer credits will be counted but grades for any transfer courses will not be used in the GPA calculation.
  • Transfer courses used to satisfy upper division Required or Elective courses must come from an AACSB-accredited business school.


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