I'm on Academic Warning

Academic Warning

So you are experiencing academic difficulty at OSU. You're probably sorely disappointed and may be wondering if you made the right choice to attend OSU.

There are many reasons that cause a student to experience academic difficulties. Perhaps it is your first quarter at OSU,  you may have a new commute, your time management skills might need some work, or you miss home. It could be the classes are much bigger and move much quicker than you're used to. So many reasons.

Very often we'll see students who experience academic difficulty, then turn completely around. Perhaps they just needed some time to figure out how everything works here. Or maybe they found the problem and addressed it. As advisors, we recommend you address the issue right away, and we hope to be a great resource for you. Check out the I'm Not Doing Well in My Classes page for a discussion of many of the most common academic issues (and their solutions!) facing OSU students.

The COB Advising office wants to make an extra effort to reach out to premajor students on academic warning. So, although academic advising is not generally required at the COB, we encourage you to see an advisor as soon as possible. We can work together to create a plan to try to help you get on the right track while the hole is not too big.

As a part of this meeting, an advisor might also refer you to the Academic Success Center.

It is important to understand if the university has placed you on warning or if your warning status is with the COB. You can visit the links below for more information:

University academic warning

COB academic warning