Exchange Program Locations

Fjords of Norway


A College of Business student
enjoys a view of the fjords in Norway.

Being on exchange made me more aware of people from other cultures. I've learned there can be many right ways to do the same thing and the American way is definitely not always the best way. --Wendy Starker, exchange student, University of Agder, Norway



Programs listed below are Fall term only with the exception of Germany and Australia which may vary. 


Australia: University of Technology Sydney  is one of the largest universities in Australia. COB students may attend UTS as sophomores, juniors or seniors and can choose to study during fall term and/or the winter/spring term (February thru June). This is the only COB program that does not offer the International Business option. Apply here!


Austria: Vienna University of Economics & Business (WU) is the largest business and economics university in Europe. Apply here!

Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China: City University is the largest business school in Hong Kong and is conveniently located within easy access to trains and buses. Check out this campus handout to learn more.  Apply here!

Czech Republic

Czech Republic:  With just under 10,000 students, Mendel University  located in Brno, which is the second largest city in the Czech Republic.  Apply here!


Denmark: The city of Aarhus is the location of Aarhus University and is the second largest city in Denmark with a current population of about 500,000. Apply here!


Germany: The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) is the first dual practice integrated university in Germany. The COB offers exchange programs at different DHBW campuses, Bad Mergentheim Business School (spring term only) and Mosbach (fall term only). Apply here!

Netherlands: Radboud University, Nijmegen School of Business is the newest COB exchange location. The city of Nijmegen is located only ten miles from the border with Germany and is about 100 miles southeast of Amsterdam. Apply here!


Norway: The Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences is one of five faculties comprising University of Agder.  Located on the southern tip of Norway, Kristiansand is a favorite city for visitors and Norwegians alike. Apply here!


Singapore:  Singapore Management University (SMU) is committed to developing a global perspective and cross-cultural understanding among its students.  Apply here!

Murcia, Spain

Spain: Universidad de Murcia is located in the Southeastern region of Murcia, Spain.  While all courses are in English, the immersive Spainish environment makes this a great choice for Business majors with prior language experience. Read about one COB student's experience in Spain from the OSU Abroad Blog!  Apply here!


Sweden:  Lund University is the largest university in Scandinavia with 1,000 international students.  The total student population is about 40,000 in a city of 100,000.  Apply here!


Thailand:  Chulalongkorn University located in the heart of Bangkok is the oldest university in Thailand and has long been considered one of the country's most prestigious universities. Watch this promotional video of the university. Apply here!

Check out the OSU Abroad Blog to read stories of students who went abroad!

If you are interested in studying in another country that is not listed here, please contact the International Degree and Education Abroad office to learn about the vast array of study abroad programs available to OSU students. Please note that those programs will not offer the International Business Option nor coursework that can satisfy upper-division Business courses. Also, take a look at their map showing all OSU Study Abroad locations.