Orientation for majors who will be on the Corvallis campus or OSU-Cascades campus

  • To be eligible to pursue a major in the College of Business, you must read through this orientation presentation and certify at the end that you have read and understand the information.

In order to earn your degree, various categories of classes must be completed.  Above is a diagram of how the 180 credits needed to earn a degree in business/design are typically distributed.

Important GPAs

All Inclusive Business/Design GPA (AIB/AID):

In MyDegrees, the AIB/AID GPA is located in the box labeled "Major in . . ." (can use "What If" feature to have this box be viewable).  In the label heading, listed to the far right under the Academic Year, is the AIB/AID GPA.

  • Includes OSU grades AND transfer grades earned in the College of Business Degree Program courses (required and elective)
  • Used when applying or changing within a College of Business major or option
  • Minimum 2.5 AIB/AID GPA needed to qualify for College of Business Majors

College of Business (COB) GPA:

In MyDegrees, the COB GPA is located in the box labeled "Major in . . .".  It is found in the paragraph under the label heading.

  • This GPA calculates COB Degree Program grades taken ONLY at OSU
  • Used for COB Progression Standards
  • Used to meet graduation requirements (need minimum of 2.50 COB GPA for graduation)

NOTE: The 2nd grade earned in a course is always the grade used in OSU, AIB/AID and COB GPA calculations.  

Eligibility AIB/AID GPA:

  • Eligibility refers to the "minimum" AIB/AID GPA required to apply/change into a business/design major 
    • All COB degrees require a minimum 2.50 AIB/AID GPA to add/change into the majors (some additional eligibility requirements may apply)
    • Pre-Apparel Design and Pre-Interior Design eligiliby is 2.50 AID GPA, however admisison into the Apparel or Interior Design majors have additional GPA requirements as stated below
    • Students with fewer than three COB major classes completed when applying may not need a 2.50 AIB/AID GPA

Competitive AID GPA:

  • Used when applying to Interior and/or Apparel Design
  • Current GPA requirements 
  • Acceptance to either of the two studio design majors greatly increases if competitive GPA is met or exceeded

Apparel Design & Interior Design Application for Acceptance

  • Full description of application and eligibility requirements
  • Why an application? They are studio majors
    • Limited classroom space (drafting tables, sewing machines)
    • More hands-on/project work
  • Majors are competitive
    • Grades in major classes are important
    • Projects from design classes are required for the application

Business Progression Standards

In order to progress through your degree to graduation, students must meet certain academic standards. The College of Business (COB) has additional GPA requirements and standards in addition to the OSU standards.  Students must satisfy both OSU and COB standards to earn their college of business degree.  The COB Progression Standards require: 

  • No grades below a C- in all classes within business/design degree program (including transfer class grades) (C required in some)
  • No S/U grading for any Business or Design Core or Major-specific coursework, including classes which double count in the major and bacc core (e.g. Comm 111)
  • No Incomplete grades (I’s) 
  • Fifty percent (50%) or more of business/design program and major specific coursework must be taken at OSU
  • A minimum of a 2.50 COB GPA must be achieved to graduate
    • For repeated classes, the second grade earned is always used in GPA calculations  
    • If the course was first completed at OSU, it must be repeated at OSU to replace previous grade

Additional Information

  • We enforce prerequisites including class standing
  • We use the OSU waitlist system
  • Make sure you check your ONID email account on a daily basis
  • Read the e-newsletter called "This Week in Business" each week for important COB information and updates
  • Communicate with faculty, staff and fellow students in a professional, ethical and respectful manner
  • We don’t allow second week adds for any College of Business course (COB follows the University calendar for dates; no departmental approvals will be given after the last day to add without department approvals ends)
  • Course substitutes and baccaulaureate core double counts

Advising Services

  • We are a centralized advising office with advisors for business and design majors 
  • Students are not assigned a specific advisor
  • Please see an advisor regularly or at least once a year 
  • Regular appointments are 30 minutes. 10-minute walk-in appointments are available during registration and the first few days of the term. 
  • Advising can help you with: 
    • Program Planning 
    • Internship Information 
    • Academic Success Strategies
    • International Exchange Information
    • COB Information 
    • Campus Resource Referrals
    • Other questions regarding degree completion


International Exchange/Study Abroad Programs for College of Business majors

  • Courses taught in English
  • 15 different countries
  • Business students go on exchange either Spring of Junior or Senior year (Germany only) or Fall of Senior year
    • Australia and Italy are available as early as Sophomore year
  • Design students go on exchange or study abroad Fall term of their Junior year
    • Italy and Australia are available as early as Sophomore year
  • Successful completion of a Business Exchange program results in earning the International Business Option (not available with Australia or South Korea exchange)
  • Scholarships and Financial Aid may apply
  • Does not necessarily delay graduation


  • Visit the Career Success Center to learn about the many different opportunities available with well-known companies
  • A 6-month MECOP internship is available to some majors. See your advisor before you start your junior year
  • Students can receive credit for an internship - ask an advisor for more information before starting the internship


  • COB awards generous scholarship funds each year
  • One online application for most scholarships
  • Deadline is February 15 for the following academic year for most scholarships (visit ScholarDollars additional info)
  • Additional funds may be available for students participating in Exchange programs through College of Business

Next steps

To find out If you are qualified

  • Make an appointment to see a COB advisor

Remember, to certify completion of this presentation, YOU MUST complete the form found on the link below, indicating that you have read and understand the information in this orientation presentation. You will not be eligible for acceptance if you do not complete this step!


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