To reach the largest audience and qualified candidates please register your internship and job opportunities on Beaver Careers.  After register let the Career Success Center know about the opportunity and we will promote it in office, on social media and with College of Business faculty and clubs.


How to register with Beaver Careers

1.      Register for an account here: beaver careers.

2.      You will be prompted to submit a profile which will be reviewed for approval within two business days.

3.      Once approved you will be able to login and register for career events on campus, post jobs and review applicants, and connect with students and alumni to find excellent candidates for your open positions.

4.    Email the CSC with your Beaver Careers job number for additional messaging to students.


If you have any questions about registration or the Beaver Careers system, please contact  the Career Success Center at  We are looking forward to promoting your opportunities to OSU students!



Name of the position you are hiring for.