Week 6: Oct. 30-Nov. 3

Friday, November 3 - Fridays In Austin 

Spotlight for Fridays in Austin - The Business of Performance and Outdoor

9:00 am

College of Business Information Session  |  AH 222 
Do you want to learn more about the College of Business – the majors we offer, the business minor, the Innovation Management Double degree, our MBA Program, as well as the many opportunities and resources that are available to our students?  Come to this workshop to learn all you need to know about the College of Business at Oregon State.

10:00 am

The Career Journey | Austin Hall 222 | Panel

Job Searching Strategies |  Austin Hall 388  |  PPL Workshop 

The Path to Success in Any Career | Austin Hall 270 | Panel

Pitch to a Professional! | Austin Hall 300 | Meet-up Sales Club Only

Visual Storytelling | 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up

11:00 am 

The Right Tools for the Job | Austin Hall 274 | Meet-up

Health Care Policy for the 21st Century | Austin Hall 274 | Meet-up

No Bad Weather, Just Bad Clothes | Austin Hall 300 | Meet-up

International Supply Chain Logistics | 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up

How to Eat Well in the Wilderness | 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up

12:00 pm

Need money? COB Scholarships Could Help  |  Austin Hall 222
Need help paying for your college education?  Come to this workshop to learn all about the College of Business Scholarships, who should apply, the application process and timing as well as hints for creating a competitive application.   

LinkedIn - A Professional Perspective | Austin Hall 200 | Presentation
A very special LinkedIn Session taught by Leslie Fox, Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Director at Johnson & Johnson

Bullseye: Careers with Target | Austin Hall 124 | Meet-up

1:00 pm 

Leadership Development and Mentorship  |  Austin Hall 222 
This workshop will detail how Target forms and enhances personal leadership based on the core 4 Styles of Leadership. It will also cover how being or having a mentor is crucial to growing and developing in the business world.

How to Turn Your Passion for the Outdoors into a Career  |  Austin Hall 270 |  Panel

Willamette Valley Real Estate | Austin Hall 124 | Meet-up

Setting Financial Goals | Austin Hall 274 | Panel

Careers with State Farm | Austin Hall 300 | Meet-up

12:00 - 5:00 pm

Fridays Out There  |  Alsea Falls
Get outside! Enjoy a trip to scenic Alsea Falls.