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Degree Types

There are two undergraduate degree types that Business majors may select:

  • Bachelor of Arts  (BA)
  • Bachelor of Science (BS)

The differences between each degree type are summarized below. If you have further questions, please see your advisor.

  • If you want to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree, you need to:

    1. demonstrate proficiency through the second year of a foreign language (foreign language proficiency is defined as completing through the "213" course of a foreign language with a C or better or getting a signed letter by the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures stating that the student has proficiency), and
    2. demonstrate cultural awareness by either:
      1. completing 6 credits of upper-division course work focusing on the culture of regions that commonly use the foreign language in which the student is proficient, or
      2. completing a study abroad, global internship, or research experience of at least 10 weeks in a non-English speaking foreign country while enrolled at OSU. This experience must be clearly documented for degree audit purposes.
  • If you want to earn a Bachelor of Science degree, you do not need any additional foreign language or culture credits.