Eligibility to Declare Pre-Business

To be eligible to declare the Pre-Business major you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a C- or better in all Business Degree Program Coursework, which includes all Pre-Business corePro-School core, and Major Specific Courses that are required to earn a specific business degree (both transfer and OSU grades).
    • If you have a grade that is lower than a C- in Business Degree Program Coursework, you must be enrolled to retake the course to be eligible to apply (either in the current term or for the upcoming term if applying at the end of a term). 
  • Have an AIB GPA of 2.5 or higher.
    • The All-Inclusive Business (AIB) GPA is the average of grades earned in the Business Degree Program Coursework (both transfer and OSU grades), and grades of any additional business courses taken at OSU.
    • The AIB GPA will only be considered if three (3) or more courses have been completed in the Business Degree Program (both transfer and OSU coursework).​
    • The AIB GPA will be calculated using current completed grades.  If you are currently registered to repeat a Business Degree Program course, MyDegrees may not be including the completed grade in the AIB calculation.  However, the College of Business will count it as part of the pre-Business application.


Pre-Business Orientations (select from one of the following):

On-Campus (Corvallis) Pre-Business Orientation:

Online (E-campus) Pre-Business Orientations: