SDHE Apparel Design Intern

Gaining industry experience is a crucial step to starting your career. Professional internships allow you to build your resume while learning from experienced professionals in the field you are wanting to pursue. Plus, your internship might just lead to a job offer, as many students who participate in the design internship program receive job offers from their internship employer upon graduation.

Competition for professional internships is strong, but the effort is more than worthwhile as the program provides a wealth of opportunities. Year after year, design students have left lasting impressions with industry employers and many companies look specifically to our programs to find their interns.

Design internships allows students to finally put what they’ve learned in the classroom to the test, and to learn how to set and achieve personal goals, what it means to be a professional in their field, and what they want in a future company/position. You will learn how to best market yourself and acquire skills that will be helpful to you in your future career.

Design Internship Program Requirements and How to Apply