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The Career Success Center team values our relationship with faculty and administration in mentoring business students from college to career. Your partnership with the CSC connects students to a variety of career development resources that support your efforts to prepare students to reach their career goals: career advising, interview and networking skills, resume writing techniques, events, internships, and jobs.

There are a number of opportunities for College of Business faculty to partner with the Career Success Center for the benefit of students.

Refer a Student

Help students to receive career assistance when it is most needed. Whether you walk a student to our location on the first floor or give students the CSC’s contact information, our team approach to referrals ensures all students have equal access to career development resources. We offer appointments to address specific issues such as resume critiques, cover letters, job and internship strategies, interviewing skills, leveraging social media, and career planning. Below is some basic information that will be useful to you as you refer students.

Leverage Events

Show up and tell students about career-related events. Network with busines leaders and employers at events to discover another perspective on workforce needs. Encourage a student to attend. Each term we offer a number of events and programs that educate students about career development skills and provide them with networking opportunities.

Enhance Classes

We are fortunate to have faculty who enhance student learning by inviting speakers to talk about important issues in the business world. The CSC offers a variety of resources to benefit students in your courses.

  • Visits: Faculty invitations to classes provide vital links to students who may not otherwise be aware of our services or events. We offer a 5 minute introduction to upcoming events for each term and a brief overview of services. Introducing students to CSC resources through classes continues to be one of the most effective methods in the College of Business of ensuring that students utilizes services.
  • Speakers: We connect faculty and club advisors with professionals who are adept at building linkages between core concepts and real world experience. We have found that working with professionals builds community-school relations, provides role models for students, and enhance students’ practical and technical knowledge.
  • Presentations: You can enhance student skills by requesting a class or club presentation that is focused on assisting our students in their transition from student to professional. Our CSC staff receive ongoing training in methods and concepts based on established career development theory and research through the National Association of Colleges and Employers and other organizations. Presentations can be tailored to the time you have available and can covers a variety of topics, including: resume building, interview techniques, career planning, job search strategies, personal branding, and leveraging social media for employment.

Share Digital Communication

The CSC uses newsletters, slides and social media to partner with faculty and communicate important event and career information to students.

  • Slides: Posting a CSC announcement slide at the beginning of class is an effective way of communicating information about upcoming events and employment opportunities for students. The slide reminds students that they are in class to become professionals in their future career fields without distracting from important class time.
  • Newsletters: In order to better acquaint you with new CSC initiatives and events, this summer we launched a newsletter designed for faculty. In addition to the faculty newsletter, weekly newsletters are sent to students. Many of our faculty have posted the weekly student newsletter to their Canvas course shells in order to help students stay informed about upcoming opportunities.
  • Social Media: As more employers utilize social media to search for and hire students, we are proactively building an online employment-focused community. We are dedicated to providing students and alumni with information and tools essential to online job seeking. Most importantly, the CSC connects students, alumni, employers and faculty through our social media platforms that create opportunities to engage in mutually beneficial partnership that meet the needs of an evolving, global workforce. There are many opportunities for faculty to leverage social media platforms to enhance student learning.

Connect with us on our social media platforms:
Facebook – Oregon State College of Business Career Success Center
Twitter – @OSU_BIZ_JOBS

Share your expertise by sending a picture and a success quote to dan.ziriax@oregonstate.edu.

Post a congratulatory comment to a student on the CSC Facebook page or use our Twitter handle in a tweet. Encourage students create a LinkedIn account and join the BIZ_JOBS@OSU group. Use the BIZ_JOBS@OSU discussion area to share an article or job opportunity.

Use CSC Facilities

We are fortunate to have new, accessible facilities in Austin Hall that offer additional opportunities for faculty to utilize the CSC.

  • Interview Rooms and Conference Room: Employers seeking to hire College of Business students are offered access to interview rooms in the CSC. Contact the Career Success Center for more information.
  • Employer Touch Point: The Career Success Center’s location on the first floor of Austin Hall can be easily-accessed by faculty, staff, and students. Our centralized location makes the CSC an excellent place for speakers to be received prior to presenting information to your classes and clubs. This practice also provides speakers with additional access to posting company jobs and investigating Austin Hall interview room facilities.