Graduate studies in Merchandising Management: focuses on marketing of soft goods (textile products). This focus may include a concentration on consumer behavior in regard to soft goods, organization and operations within the soft goods industries, and/or assortment planning and inventory control in the manufacturing or retail sectors of the industry. To pursue graduate level study in Merchandising Management one needs a basic background in marketing, economics, psychology, and/or sociology in addition to foundation courses in textiles and apparel merchandising.

The following courses are offered in support of the Merchandising Management area of concentration:

DHE 570 Retail Merchandising (4 credits) 
DHE 572 Merchandise Planning & Control (4 credits)
DHE 573 Assortment Analysis and Management (4 credits)
DHE 575 Global Production and Trade in Textiles and Apparel (4 credits)
DHE 577 Fashion Theory (3 credits)
DHE 585 Human Behavior and the Near Environment (3 credits)
DHE 587 Trends and Issues in Merchandising (3 credits)
DHE 687 Theoretical Foundations for Merchandising Research (3 credits)

Suggested Minor Areas:

Marketing or Management (courses such as):

BA 550 Organizational Management (3 credits)
BA 590 Building Customer Relationships (3 credits)
BA 591 Customer Relationship Management (3 credits)
BA 592 Consumer Behavior (4 credits)
BA 593 Advertising Management (3 credits)
BA 594 Marketing Channels (4 credits)
BA 595 Retail Management (4 credits)
BA 596 Marketing Research (4 credits)
BA 597 Global Marketing (4 credits)
BA 598 Services Marketing (4 credits)

Psychology (courses such as):

PSY 526 Gender Differences (3 credits)
PSY 540 Cognition Research (4 credits)
PSY 542 Perception (3 credits)
PSY 560 Advanced Social Research Methods (4 credits)
PSY 564 Social Cognition (3 credits)

Sociology (courses such as):

SOC 515 Understanding Social Research (3 credits)
SOC 516 Conducting Social Research (3 credits)
SOC 518 Qualitative Sociology (3 credits)
SOC 519 Applied Research Methods (3 credits)
SOC 521 Social Change and Modernization (3 credits)
SOC 524 Social Psychology (3 credits)
SOC 530 Gender and Society (3 credits)
SOC 532 Sociology of Aging (3 credits)
SOC 556 Science and Technology in Social Context (3 credits)
SOC 570 Collective Behavior and Social Movements (3 credits)