Leverage student and faculty talent via sponsored projects, competitions and research to extend your workforce capacity and address challenges your business faces. These sponsorships provide opportunities to interface with students and faculty, explore solutions to business challenges, give students hands-on experience and advance faculty research.

Partner on a Student Project

Projects that advance your goals or solve challenges that you face can be integrated into the undergraduate or MBA classroom experience at the College of Business.

Student teams work under the guidance of faculty to complete projects that are defined by industry. For students, the model provides an opportunity to apply skills and knowledge to the development of a complex, team-oriented solution — an excellent training ground for working in industry. By embedding corporate challenges into the classroom, we can mirror the experiences graduates face when they begin their careers. No geographic constraints exist with the program, as students and sponsors also engage virtually. Projects can come from a range of fields: accounting, business analytics, supply chain, market research, customer discovery, human resources and many more.

Students, industry partners and the College of Business all benefit from these sponsored projects. Students develop project management, teamwork and communication skills while applying newly acquired knowledge, giving them the best workplace experience available in a university environment. Industry partners have access to student creativity and expertise while assessing a potential intern and workforce candidates. Partners also have the option of retaining intellectual property developed by their student teams. Finally, the College of Business is able to attract and retain students of the highest potential because of the exemplary interdisciplinary team-based learning experiences these projects provide.

How It Works

The process begins with the submission of a proposed project scope and appointment of a project liaison by the industry partner. Based on the submitted scope and subject matter, a College of Business faculty member is selected to serve as the student team mentor. Before the term begins, the faculty mentor and industry liaison collaborate to develop the final project scope, deliverables, timelines, etc. At the start of the term, the industry partner commits funding to the project for faculty time, materials, use of equipment and other expenses. Students then commence working in their respective teams, which typically range in size from four to eight students. Accomplishments from project teams are presented at the end of each term for the corporate partner and showcased at College of Business events.

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Partner on a Student Competition

Competitions that advance your goals or solve challenges that you face can be hosted as events (e.g., day-long, weekend, etc.) or hosted in an online platform. They can be targeted toward undergraduate students and/or graduate students, as well as high school audiences. Competitions can be developed to invite participation among College of Business students, Oregon State students, and even include students from other institutions.

Competitions provide an opportunity for students to generate ideas that address problems, apply what they are learning and be inspired by engaging in creative work. This model of partnership provides an infrastructure (including timeline, marketing support and online platform for accepting submissions) for competitions.

How It Works

The process begins with the submission of a proposed challenge and appointment of a project liaison by the industry partner. At the start of the term, the industry partner commits funding to the competition for staff time, competition promotional materials, prizes and other expenses. In a competition, teams of students submit their entry – typically a two-page summary and a slide deck or video – explaining an idea to solve a proposed challenge. Submissions tend to describe the solution and how it is innovative, plans for implementation including a budget, and the anticipated impact of the innovation. A panel of judges reviews the submissions, and the top applicants receive a range of prizes such as scholarships, cash or goods that will advance their ideas. The format of a competition might be a day-long or weekend event such as a hackathon or a competition that takes place online. A competition could also include a campus event in addition to an online component.

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Partner on Research

College of Business faculty and students conduct research on a wide range of topics. Sponsored research can allow you to explore a unique business problem and access faculty expertise.

Market Research & Consumer Insights

The Close to the Customer (C2C) Marketing Lab provides professional market research and consulting services in order to provide insight into markets, businesses, and today’s consumers. Research teams are led by marketing faculty who mentor students in the field and in the classroom. The C2C Marketing Lab brings faculty expertise and research experience into the business community and provides students with learning opportunities that prepare them for marketing careers. Learn more about C2C.

Additional Research Partnerships

Visit our faculty research page for more details about the research experience and interests of OSU College of Business faculty members.

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