Family Business 360

What is Family Business 360?

For nearly a decade, the College of Business at Oregon State University has brought experts, family business owners and their advisors together for a lecture series that promises both sound advice and excellent networking opportunities.

Now, we’re taking it even further.

Not only are we re-launching our Family Business 360 series on a virtual platform, so that business owners and their advisors can safely access the series wherever they are, we are offering our experts’ advice at no charge, complimentary through July 2021.  

  • Family Business 360 is a great place to engage with and learn from top-quality professionals and family business owners about issues that are critical to your business’ success, like succession, communication, marketing, governance, organization, management and improving your family enterprise
  • Your interaction with program speakers and attendees will strengthen your network of knowledgeable, committed business owners and advisors.
  • Owners, managers and other key personnel associated with family businesses are encouraged to attend, as are consultants, professional advisors and others whose mission is to support family enterprises.
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Registration for our upcoming 2021 sessions is complimentary for all attendees.


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