Family Business 360

Why you should join us

  • A great place to learn from top-quality professionals and family business owners about issues of critical importance to the family business community.
  • Excellent opportunities to meet other family business owners and family members who share similar experiences.
  • Effective conversation starters for families who need to move forward on succession, communication and renewing their family enterprise.

Registration fees & information

Registration is $45, and a 25% discount is available for those who register either for three or more sessions or for three or more attendees. A $300 family plan is offered for two attendees at each breakfast throughout the season. All breakfasts start at 7:30 a.m. and finish at 9 a.m. An additional hour is available for in-depth discussion at the breakfast.

Attendance is limited to business owning families and key personnel.

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Listen to interviews with the expert advisors that have delivered past Family Business 360 sessions. A complete listing of available podcast episodes is available on Apple Podcasts or our podcast webpage.