Business Beavs in Action: covid

What type of COVID-19 precautions will be taken for camp?
  • OSU’s COVID-19 Safety & Success Policy remains in effect and applies to all Oregon State University locations and activities and serves the university’s goal to help reduce the risk and spread of COVID-19.
  • OSU is following guidance provided by the Oregon Health Authority. In the case the guidance or recommendations from the Oregon Health Authority change, or in the case the state of Oregon’s COVID-19 rates increase, COVID-19 related precautions and practices will be implemented (face masks, daily health checks, etc.) to ensure the safety for all Business Beavs in Action Summer Camps.
    • Masks may be required for campers at the Portland and Salem Camp Locations, depending on the state of Oregon’s COVID-19 rates. The alternative option is to provide proof of vaccination, which waives the mask requirement for the camper.
    • Currently, masks are welcome but not required on campus.
  • OSU requires all employees and students who work, learn or engage with others in-person as part of their job duties to show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations, though exceptions are allowed when based on medical or disability reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs. Currently, 92% of OSU students and 95% of employees are fully vaccinated. More information on OSU’s COVID-19 Safety & Success can be found here: COVID-19 Safety & Success | Oregon State University.

Business Beavs in Action: deadline

When is the deadline to submit the Camper Registration Form?

The deadline to have your Camper Registration Form submitted is Sunday, June 5thby 11:59 PM. Access the Camper Registration Form below.

Business Beavs in Action: who can participate

What if I’m not an active participant in any programs associated with Hacienda Community Development Corporation or The Boys & Girls Club of Salem, can I still participate in camp?

Yes, we encourage all interested youth to submit the Camper Registration Form. We are aiming to welcome campers who want to grow their entrepreneurial spirit and develop key business skills!

Business Beavs in Action: drive yourself

Am I allowed to drive myself to campus on Thursday and drive back home on Friday?

Yes, campers are eligible to transport themselves to campus if they have their driver's license. If the camper is a minor, parental/guardian consent is required.

If camper is driving themself, a campus parking pass will be provided.

Business Beavs in Action: transportation

Is transportation assistance for camp available?

The following transportation is provided to campers, for free:

  • Transportation from Portland or Salem to OSU’s campus in Corvallis on Thursday, June 23rd
  • Transportation from OSU’s campus in Corvallis back to Portland or Salem on Friday, June 24th

If you have transportation needs for camp on Monday*, Tuesday, or Wednesday, please reach out to us at

* Excluding Salem Camp.

Business Beavs in Action: allergy

What if I have a food allergy or dietary restriction?

Not to worry, we take all food allergies and sensitivities into consideration when designing thebreakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Please indicate your food allergies or sensitives, dietary restrictions, or preferences on the Camper Registration Form.

Business Beavs in Action: Meals

What meals are provided during camp?

The following meals will be provided, for free, to campers:

  • Monday* –Lunch (+ snacks and refreshments throughout the day)
  • Tuesday –Lunch (+ snacks and refreshments throughout the day)
  • Wednesday –Lunch (+ snacks and refreshments throughout the day)
  • Thursday –Lunch & Dinner (+ snacks and refreshments throughout the day)
  • Friday –Breakfast & Lunch (+ snacks and refreshments throughout the day)

* Excluding Salem Camp.

Business Beavs in Action: overnight provided

For the overnight stay on campus Thursday, June 23: what is provided? What should I plan to bring?

The following items will be provided to each camper for the overnight stay:

  • On-campus dining meal card
  • Key to Weatherford Hall residential room
  • Pillow, blanket, and linens
  • Towel, shampoo, and conditioner and soap
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush

The following items will not be provided to each camper for the overnight stay (these are the items we recommend you bring!)

  • Closed-toe shoes for use of The DAMlab Makerspace
  • Active wear that is comfortable for physical activities
  • Sunscreen and a hat (to help manage heat)
  • Clothing / Sleepwear
  • Any personal items

Business Beavs in Action: items to bring

What should I plan to bring with me to camp during Monday*/Tuesday/Wednesday?
  • Cell phone & charger (we will ask that you take time away from your phone during camp...)
  • Water bottle and snacks, if you prefer your own (we will provide refreshments and snacks throughout each day of camp, in addition to lunch)
  • A positive attitude, a creative mindset, and a collaborative perspective!
  • * Excluding Salem Camp.

Business Beavs in Action: credit pay

Do I have to pay for the 1-credit associated with camp?

No, this 1-credit is free of charge to you and your family!