The Finance Circle provides support to the Oregon State College of Business by offering industry insight and feedback to maintain a competitive finance program. The Finance Circle includes:

Leonard Aplet, OSU '76 - Sr. Portfolio Mgr., Head of Short Duration and Stable Value, Columbia Management Company

Michael Beall, OSU '10 - Analyst, JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Assoc.

Craig Chambers, OSU '70 - General Agent, Oregon Financial Services Group

Scott Christianson, OSU '08 - Sr. V.P., Portfolio & Wealth Management, Ferguson Wellman Capital Management Inc

Dean Derrah, OSU '86

Jason Doan, OSU '90 - Director, Daimler Trucks North America LLC

Derek Ebel, OSU '93 - Sr Vice President, Quest Investment Mgmt Inc

Larry Ellis, OSU '90 - Senior Vice President, Bank of America

James Harbolt, OSU '84

Cindy Heitstuman, OSU '87 - Director of Finance, Turtle Mountain

Lori Kaliher, OSU '95 - Sr Vice President & COO, Oregon Bankers Association

Kathleen Kee, OSU '83 - Partner, Confluence Wealth Management, LLC

Jay Levesque, OSU '11 - Filament, LLC

Daniel McDowell, OSU '88 - President & CEO, Willamette Community Bank

Rebecca Rooks, OSU '82 - Financial Advisor, Vice President, Ameriprise Financial Inc

Gregory Sherwood, OSU '86 - President & Chief Investment Officer, Quest Investment Mgmt Inc

Ron Stahl, OSU '91 - Portfolio Manager, Columbia Management Company

Ted Stalick, OSU '87 - Vice President & CFO, Mercury General

Kevin Thorpe, OSU '10 - Financial Business Analyst, Intel Corporation

Jessica Thorpe, OSU '09 - Finance Analyst, Intel Corporation

Byron Williams, OSU '06 - Chief Audit Executive, Office of the State Treasurer

Steve Zamsky, OSU '90 - COO of Fixed Income, Commodities, Morgan Stanley