Increasingly, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations are interested in better using available information in operational, tactical and strategic decision making. The combination of rapid growth of available data, both in organizations’ data stores and through third parties, and equally rapid development in software interoperability, data exchange mechanisms and data mining and visualization techniques, is allowing organizations to better extract and use the information value represented by those data stores. This trend of intense mining of available information has become known as data mining, business analytics, business intelligence or big data.

Learning Outcomes
Graduates of the MBA in Business Analytics will be able to:

  • Integrate information technologies with data science methods to extract value from data sets
  • Think critically about the business implications, meaningfulness and applicability of observed data patterns and analytical inferences
  • Identify opportunities, needs and constraints for data analytics within organizational contexts
  • Select appropriate analytic tools for specific managerial issues
  • Compose data-analytic tools and concepts to create innovative data-analytic solutions
  • Demonstrate proficiency with several data-analytic tools
  • Communicate clearly and persuasively to audiences with various backgrounds
  • Provide leadership in analytics teams and projects

The Business Analytics option requires 60 credit-hours of coursework, including:

Core -1 coursework (15 credits)
BA 513 Business Legal Environment (3)
BA 514 Operations Management (3)
BA 515 Managerial Decision Tools (3)
BA 516 Creating Value in Exchange (3)
BA 517 Markets and Valuation (3)
Note: Core-1 requirements may be waived if a candidate has a recent undergraduate major in business, or has completed equivalent coursework within an undergraduate business minor. 

Core -2 coursework (27 credits)
BA 528 Financial and Cost Analysis (3)
BA 540 Corporate Finance (3)
BA 550 Organization Leadership and Management (3)
BA 555 Practical Business Analysis (3)
BA 561 Supply Chain Management (3)
BA 569 Advanced Strategic Management (3)
BA 572 Advanced Information Systems (3)
BA 590 Marketing Management (3)
MGMT 559 Managing Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (3) 

Business Analytics coursework (15 credits)
BA 573 Data Analytics for Competitive Advantage (3)
BA 574 Data Management (3)
BA 575 Data Exploration and visualization (3)
BA 576 Data/Text Mining (3)
BA 577 Integrated Business Analytics Project (3)

Elective coursework (3 credits)
Advisor-approved graduate business course (3)