200,000 employers — including 98% of Fortune 500 companies — recruit on Handshake.
Handshake has over 8,000,000 students and young alumni from 400 top universities.


The first step to recruiting at the OSU College of Business is to register on Handshake, OSU’s online recruiting website. Handshake is an online platform that that focuses on matching over 3 million students with companies looking to hire top talent from across the country, providing a space for students and recruiters to meet, talk and share opportunities.

All OSU recruiting activity is managed on Handshake, where employers can post jobs, collect resumes, schedule interviews and register for career events.

Students across OSU are directed to Handshake to find internship and employment opportunities, maximizing the number of students who view your postings. Among other benefits of using Handshake, employers can narrow down potential hires to the best fits through Handshake’s advanced filter options.

Get Started: Create an Account

  1. Visit Handshake
  2. Select “Create a New Account”
  3. Select “Employer”
  4. Enter your contact information and create a password.
  5. Select the type of students you seek to recruit.
  6. Review and agree to the Handshake Employer Guidelines.
  7. Confirm your email address.
  8. Select your company or add your company if your company doesn’t yet use Handshake.
  9. Connect with schools, and choose Oregon State University.
  10. Select “Finish”