To be considered for the Innovation Management Double Degree (IMDD) major in the College of Business, you must read through all orientation sections below and click the link at the end to certify completion.


Requirements to Declare

In order to declare the IMDD major, all of the following must be true at the time of application:

  • Have earned a C- or better in any completed IMDD program courses (OSU and transfer), and
  • If a grade below C- exists in a program course, the student must be enrolled to retake course at the time of application. The initial grade received, however, is used in the GPA for evaluation purposes, and
  • Have a COB GPA of at least 2.50 (if three or more major programs course grades have been earned), and
  • Have at least a 2.0 previous term OSU GPA and a cumulative OSU GPA of at least 2.0.

Your COB GPA only uses OSU grades. You can find it in MyDegrees. Use the WHAT IF function on the left and select the Innovation Management major. Click PROCESS WHAT IF at the top. Look in the “Major in …” area as shown below.


Requirements to Earn an IMDD Degree

In addition to meeting all of the IMDD courses listed in the major, there are additional credit and grade requirements. Students must also:

  • Complete all required and elective IMDD courses with a C- or better (cannot S/U)
  • Have a 2.5 College of Business (COB) GPA (OSU COB grades only used)
  • Complete over 50% of the College of Business coursework from OSU
  • Complete a primary non-business major (IMDD is not a stand-alone major)
  • Have 24 credits unique to the IMDD major and a maximum of 12 credits that count towards primary major curriculum (additional electives are available)
  • Complete 212 total credits for graduation


How to Apply

To certify completion of this orientation, YOU MUST complete the form found on the link below, indicating that you have read the information in this orientation presentation. You will not be eligible for acceptance if you do not complete this step! After you complete the link below, you will be given information on how to contact an advisor to finish the process and declare your new major!

Certify Orientation Completion


If you have any questions regarding the major prior to applying, please contact the COB undergraduate advising office.