Academic Planning

Our Degrees

14 majors, 15 options, 7 minors, double majors for business students; custom degrees and double majors for OSU students outside the College of Business.


We have eight AACSB-accredited business majors and four design majors. When you choose one of these programs, your diploma reflects this major degree program. As an example, your diploma will say, “Bachelor of Science, Finance” or “Bachelor of Science, Merchandising Management.” If you're studying fully online with Ecampus or at our Portland Center, you have two AACSB-accredited business majors and one design degree programs to choose from.

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Additionally, we have fifteen business options that offer specialized knowledge in an area reflective of your career interests, for example, digital marketing, international business or retail management. Options are a set of classes in a particular subject area, and they help contribute to the coursework needed for your degree — as you focus in on your interests. For example, if your major is business analytics, you will branch into digital marketing, human resources or market research analytics as an academic option, and hone your skills in this area. If you major in the business administration program, you can choose from a number of options, for example, retail management or marketing. Your diploma reflects your major program while your skill set is tailored to these types of careers.


We have seven business minors offered to Corvallis-based students. Ecampus students can earn a business administration minor fully online, and business students can minor in family business or entrepreneurship fully online. Business minors are an exciting and efficient way for our business and design students to boost and diversify their skills as well. On average, a business minor can be achieved in about 28 credits; ours range from 27 to 32 credits.

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Double majors

Nearly half of our students graduate with a double major in the accredited business disciplines. Our design students also frequently double major in a business discipline in addition to their design and innovation pursuits.

Double degree: Innovation Management

Business skills are valuable across all disciplines, and students from other OSU colleges pursue the double degree opportunity with us to complement their primary discipline, and increase their understanding of how their discipline and business intersect. Science, engineering, agriculture, forestry, liberal arts … no matter what degree you pursue, you’ll benefit from a solid understanding of the business world. This double degree program is available to non-business majors.

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