Review this site for important information and helpful videos for navigating the registration process.  Additional video tutorials are available on the Registrar's webpage.


If your primary college is the College of Business (COB), the COB advisors distribute your registration PIN.  There are different rules about what PIN students receive based on their status.  For the majority of students, the rules below apply and will help in understanding when to get a new PIN.

COB Continuing Students Common COB PIN: 262746
It is your first term registering at OSU (excluding Summer) Receive PIN at START orientation.
First Year Freshmen New PIN each term your first year
Athletes Special athlete PIN once a year
Veterans Receiving Benefits Special veterans PIN each term
Disability Access Services students needing early registration services Special DAS PIN each term
Post-Baccalaureate Students New PIN each term
International Exchange Students New PIN each term

When to Register

Detailed registration day & time information is available on the Registrar's website.  Registration at OSU is divided into 2 parts: 

Phase 1: Register for up to 16 credits, no waitlisting may occur during this time.
Phase 2: Register for up to 19 credits, waitlisting and special course request overrides begin.

You are assigned a specific day and time to register for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 based on the number of credits you have completed plus credits in-progress coursework.

Senior = 135+ credits 
Junior = 90-134 credits 
Sophomore = 45-89 credits 
Freshman= 1-44 credits

We do not allow second week adds for any College of Business course (COB follows the University calendar for dates; no departmental approvals will be given after the last day to add without department approvals ends). 

Term Traditional or Non-Traditional Course and Summer Deadlines

How to Register and Waitlist


We enforce prerequisites including class standing.  If you have taken an equivalent course and need an override, please contact a COB advisor.

Course Access for Non-Business Majors or Business Minors

If your major or minor is not coded to register for a course, contact COB academic advising to meet with an advisor to discuss possible access to a particular course. You must meet all prerequisite and class standing requirements.  For majors or minors that have a COB course in a "pick one" type list, appointments and/or overrides might be held until Phase 2.

Grade Information

Information on Grade Calculation and Incompletes

How to calculate your AIB or AID

Grading Basis - Should I S/U, Withdraw, or Stay A-F?

  • Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grades
    • Detailed information available regarding equivalencies and maximums at AR18
    • Students may not S/U any COB courses or major requirements. This includes any courses that are part of the Business Core (ECON 201, COMM 111, etc.) or COB major. 
    • Request a change of grading basis to S/U [deadlines vary for partial term courses]
  • Drop/Withdraw from a Course
    • If you drop a course by the deadline, the course will be removed from your schedule and you are not responsible for the tuition and fees associated with the course.  There will be no record of the class on your transcript.
    • Dropping a course after the drop deadline is considered a course withdrawal. If you wish to withdraw from a course, you must do so by the withdrawal from course deadline.  You may be responsible for a portion of the tuition and fees associated with the course.   A "W" will appear on your transcript.
    • See your advisor before dropping or withdrawing from a course to find out how it may impact your academic plans.