The berry industry is looking for future leaders who are interested in science, agriculture, horticulture, business, finance, economics, language and culture to employ in the fields of science and research, financial analysis, property management and commercialization, sales, operations, construction, robotics and engineering, translation, breeding and R&D, inventory, marketing, product development and management, public relations, journalism, leadership and more.  Through generous donations, we are able to offer a scholarship and internship program to help students build skills and experience.


During junior and/or senior years of study, Scholars will complete business coursework and receive scholarship funding for each term they remain on track to complete the Master of Business Administration (MBA) core-1 requirements, not to exceed $5,000 in total support per undergraduate student.

During winter term, berry industry professionals will come to campus to interview the Scholars for placement in summer internships between junior and senior year or, if a senior, the summer following graduation. Each student participating in a summer internship will be awarded a maximum of $5,000 in stipend funding.

Scholars who are in their senior year preparing for spring graduation will apply for the OSU MBA program accelerated track and for the Berry Industry MBA Scholarship. Students selected as Berry Industry MBA Scholars will receive scholarship funding for fall, winter and spring term as long as they remain on track to complete the program, not to exceed $15,000 in total support per MBA student.


Undergraduates Scholars

To be eligible to apply and participate as a Berry Industry Undergraduate Scholar, students are required to:

  • Be in pursuit of a life sciences degree and/or have an upbringing or professional background in the field of agriculture.
  • Be eligible for enrollment in and completion of the MBA core-1 coursework through a business minor or major coursework.
  • Participate in summer internship credits between junior and senior years and/or after senior year (upon graduation).
  • Demonstrate an interest in a career in the berry industry and in pursuing an accelerated MBA degree.

MBA Scholars

To be eligible to apply to be a Berry Industry MBA Scholar, students are required to:

  • Be admitted into the MBA program, with preference to those admitted to the accelerated (9-month) MBA
  • Demonstrate an interest in a career in the berry industry

Note: Scholarship preference will be given to students who successfully completed the Berry Industry Undergraduate Scholar Program.

Students must be enrolled as full-time students to be eligible for most College of Business scholarships. 


We are not accepting applications at this time.  Please check back in fall for updates.  Annual deadline approximately March 1.


Email Susan Howard, COB Scholarship Coordinator.