Business Information Systems (BIS) is open to all students with an interest in information management. The club's purpose is to provide activities which help students prepare for, and better understand, careers in information management. Principal activities include guest presentations, field trips in the winter and spring and a graduation/scholarship event in the spring. In addition, job shadow opportunities are arranged for students interested in spending a day with a business information systems (BIS) professional, observing professional activities. The club organizes presentations by recruiters, consultants, and software instruction.
By default, all BIS students are members of the BIS club. In the past the club has done an excellent job of giving students ways to build contacts with industry professionals and prepare for the job market. The BIS club has helped manage the Microsoft Academic Alliance, which provides College of Business students with free access to nearly all of Microsoft's development software, such as the Visual Studio suite.  We encourage you to become involved with the club. 

A sample of extra-curricular BIS club student projects:

  1. Student folder creation program - supports code review in BIS classes – this replaced tools which could not work once COB student accounts were replaced by University level student accounts.
  2. Digital Measures extraction, upload, and web site display - helps better present and promote the College’s publication prowess and saves staff time updating faculty profiles. It is also a watershed tool with potential uses across campus.
  3. eSET Processing – summarizes electronic Student Evaluation of Teaching results exported from the University’s new online system: computes discipline, level, and college ‘averages;’ reformats and organizes results to support other college systems (Salesforce and Digital Measures).
  4. Sharepoint activity reporter – tallies student use of Sharepoint for team activities providing a more fair and accurate metric for important electronic collaboration exercises and team interactions.
  5. Sharepoint group creator – this allows sys admins to create team Sharepoint sites for classes or ad hoc groups much more accurately and efficiently. From existing use we estimate that it reduced a five-hour job to 15 minutes while avoiding otherwise almost inevitable clerical errors.

An overview of these and other BIS club projects can be found on the project page.

Even when the BIS club does not deliver, it succeeds. In addition to the successful projects above, some additional and ongoing efforts have resulted in student learning even when no final project was (yet!) delivered:

  • A tool to periodically validate all links on the COB’s Web pages and report on ‘broken’ links.
  • Additional tools to integrate eSET info to save more time and support more COB and Campus processes.
  • Several exploratory efforts in Salesforce have focused on student interactions and automated reliable data transfer processes (COB learned even if no particular product was created).
  • Creation of Excel tutorials useful in helping COB students expand their skills.
  • Evaluation of the tools in Office365 which is being deployed on campus and may enhance student interactions.
The BIS Club has built its own website