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College of Business
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Rick Wascher brings a background of senior management at numerous private and public companies to the College of Business. His interests include innovation and technology development including strategic business partnering as a driver for global business expansion of technology companies, including healthcare and software enterprises.

His teaching interests include Global Business Administration; Innovation Development and Strategic Partnering; Corporate IP Acquisition, Valuation, and Monetization; Business Law and Technology Startups; Healthcare and IP.

Mr. Wascher has a JD Law from the University of Oklahoma, College of Law, and a BS, Nuclear Engineering, from the University of Illinois. Mr. Wascher holds seven patents including four pioneering patents for the use of magnetic fields to inhibit tumor angiogenesis in mammals.

Beyond OSU

JD Law: University of Oklahoma, College of Law, Norman, OK

BS Nuclear Engineering: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL 


Mr. Wascher was a member of the senior management team within numerous public and private companies, including:

  • GE HEALTHCARE (NYSE: GE): Sr. Counsel (Including: CT & MR equipment, Global Product Design, and Global Software)
  • QUAD/GRAPHICS (NYSE: QUAD): Chief IP Counsel and Assistant General Counsel
  • CTI MOLECULAR IMAGING (now Siemens) (NASDAQ: CTMI): Chief IP Counsel and Associate General Counsel
  • BOULDIN CORPORATION (Private): General Counsel and Patent Attorney
  • EMF THERAPEUTICS, Inc. (Private): Chief IP Counsel and Assistant General Counsel
  • SMITH & NEPHEW (NYSE: SNN): Patent Attorney
Additional Information: 

Mr. Wascher holds seven (7) patents including four (4) pioneering patents for the use of magnetic fields to inhibit tumor angiogenesis in mammals.

Mr. Wascher’s corporate transactional work includes the following:

  • Multi-year $40M Exclusive License transaction with Purdue and Notre Dame.
  • 10M EUR Software Development transaction with Erasmus, The Netherlands.
  • A first of its kind “Future Technology” Exclusive License and Co-Branding Partnership with the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).
  • $1B sale of CTI Molecular Imaging (NASDAQ: CTMI) to Siemens.
  • Lead executive on all IP due diligence and valuation investigations associated with a $41M acquisition of trade secrets, including the banks underwriting the deal.
  • Lead U.S. attorney on the IP sale and license associated with the $580M divestiture of GE Homeland & Technology to Safran SA, a French company.
  • Successful patent enforcement against Photonic Materials (PM) in Scotland for crystal scintillator technology.
  • Creation and operation of an equipment leasing company, including negotiation and sale of TLC lease portfolio assets to large equipment leasing firms.
  • Development and implementation of IP asset valuation methods and algorithms for measuring the “relative strength” of competing IP portfolios.
  • Company lead on a fourteen (14) year $8M royalty audit claim with Mayo proved “No Underpayment” by the company, and a later award for Company over-payment.
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