Week 3: Oct. 9-13

Thursday, October 12
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Interviews with Jones & Roth  |  Austin Hall 
Jones & Roth will be holding interviews. By invitation only

5:00 - 6:00 pm

Meet the Clubs | Austin Hall Marketplace

Explore the wide variety of clubs available within the College of Business and learn more about how to join.

7:00 - 9:00 pm

Launch U Speaker Series Mike Rich Screenwriter of Cars 3 |  Austin Hall 183
Mike Rich, screenwriter for Cars 3 (and other great movies!), discusses his path in becoming a successful screenwriter. Cars 3 will be shown after the presentation. Everyone welcome!

Friday, October 13 - Fridays in Austin 

Spotlight for Fridays in Austin - The Business of Construction and Manufactoring 

8:00 am- 5:00 pm

Interviews with Kernutt Stokes and Perkin & Co. | Austin Hall 
Kernutt Stokes, and Perkins & Co. will be holding interviews. By invitation only. See Handshake for interview schedule. 

9am, 11am, 1pm

Georgia-Pacific Egg Drop  |  Austin Hall
Challenge your classmates to build the cushiest nest for an egg and then drop it from the 4th floor of Austin Hall to test the designs. Prizes will be given to those who manage to NOT break their egg. First Year Students, but everyone is encouraged to cheer them on!

9:30 am

Austin Family Business Program: New student club and brunch with Scott Parrish  | 9:30 – 11 am  |  Austin 442
Please come! A-Dec CEO and 2nd-generation family business owner Scott Parrish will speak at the brunch for AFBP’s Fall Student Club launch. This is a new student club opportunity. RSVP.

10:00 am 

A Day in the Life of a Screenwriter with Mike Rich, Screenwriter | Austin Hall 222 | Meet-Up 

A Day in the Life of an Architect with Angela Glatz and Katy White, GRIT Building Solutions | Austin Hall 274 | Meet-Up 

Finance Club Meet-up with Duane McDougall | Austin Hall 300 Finance Club Only | Meet-Up 

How to Start Your Own Business in C&M with Lee Shull, James Malarkey, and Jim Fagan | Austin 270 | Panel

11:00 am 

So, you want to be a screenwriter... with Mike Rich, Screenwriter | Austin Hall 222 | Meet-Up 

Managing a Million Dollar Company with Scott Parrish and Duane McDougall | Austin Hall 270| Panel 

From College to Career with Lee Shull, Angela Glatz, and Katy White | Austin Hall 274 | Panel

Pre-Business: So, you want to get into Pro-School...  | Austin Hall 216 | Advising Workshop 
Do you want to learn more about what pro-school is and when you should apply?  Join our advisors in this session to get the most up to date information about the application process, timing and requirements.  Pre-Business Students

12:00 pm 

Roofing: Climbing the Ladder with James Malarkey and Jim Fagan, Malarkey Roofing | Austin Hall 274  | Meet-Up 

Study Smarter: Harness Your Brain's Ability  | Austin Hall 100 | PPL Workshop
Curious why cramming doesn’t actually work for long-term learning, and why flashcards work better for somethings than others? In this interactive workshop, we’ll talk about those whys and discuss strategies you can use to be even more effective and efficient in your studying throughout the term and in preparation for your midterms and exams. 

Resume Workshop  | Austin Hall 270 | PPL Workshop 
In this workshop, we will discuss the top actions that go into making up a great Resume and Cover Letter.   Learn how to craft your experience and passion in a way that will grab the employers’ attention!  Bring your resume and walk away with great tips on improvement.  

1:00 pm 

Screenwriting: The Story Behind the Movie with Mike Rich | Austin Hall 222| Presentation

How to Design and Create Space with Angela Glatz and Katy White, GRIT Building Solutions | Austin Hall 274 | Meet-Up 

Hostile Takeovers in Business with Duane McDougall, Willamette Industries | Austin Hall 216 | Meet-Up 

Family Business Dynamics with Scott Parrish, A-Dec | Austin Hall 300| Meet-Up 

Finding a Job: Being Your Best During Recruitment | Austin Hall 274 | PPL Workshop 
Learn from Target Distribution Managers on how to best prepare your resume, ways to practice for the interview, and how to network to get the job you want. This is great way to prepare for OSU's Career Fair (October 18 & 19).