WEEK 6: OCT. 30-NOV. 3

Thursday, November 2
9:30 am PDT - 4:30 pm PDT

Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn Virtual Panel
The 2nd Annual Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn Career Fair will be happening November 2nd and all Oregon State students are invited to attend via teleconference/ZOOM. For more information and to register go to Handshake.

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Bloomberg Campus Visit  |  AH100

Bloomberg Intelligence’s Matt Larson will be on campus to discuss his thoughts on current and past events (Toshiba, HTC/Apple, Qualcomm) and to share his story regarding his career path and what working at Bloomberg has been like. Registration is open to all.

Friday, November 3 - Fridays In Austin 

Spotlight for Fridays in Austin - The Business of Performance and Outdoor

8:00 am to 5:00 pm  

Travel Fridays - Zidell and Ferguson Wellman - RSVP HERE 
Travel to Portland for behind the scenes tours of Zidell and Ferguson Wellman.  Transportation and lunch provided.   

Located in the heart of Portland’s South Waterfront District, the Zidell family’s 33-acre riverfront property is the largest undeveloped site in the city. For generations the land has been home to the family’s industrial businesses. Now, after extensive environmental restoration, the site is prepared for redevelopment. As barge operations continue on a portion of the Yards, the family has launched an ambitious plan to transform the land into a mixed-use district complete with parks, plazas and river access. First to break ground: The Emery, a 118-unit apartment project.

Ferguson Wellman
Ferguson Wellman is a privately-owned investment and advisory firm serving individuals and institutions alike. Ferguson Wellman has managed $4.56 billion in investment portfolios for 769 clients over the last 40 years. The firm strives to build relationships while they build a portfolio.

2:00 pm to 4:30 pm  

Travel Fridays - Lowe's Regional Distribution Center - RSVP HERE 
Travel to Lowe's Regional Distribution Center for a behind the scenes tour of their operations.  

10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Finance Career Fair  | Marketplace
Meet with companies in the finance industry to learn about jobs they are currently hiring for or will be hiring for in the future. Talk with Columbia Bank, MassMutual Oregon, Vista Capital Partners, Foresters Financial, New York Life Insurance Company, US Bank, Northwestern Mutual, WestPac Wealth Partners and more!!!

10:00 am

The Career Journey: From College to Success | Austin Hall 222 | Panel
Hear from industry professionals Leslie Fox (Johnson & Johnson), Ben Rivera (Leatherman Tool Group), and John Vranizan (American International Forest Products).

Job Searching Strategies | Austin Hall 388 | PPL Workshop
Meets requirements for FYE Learning Labs #34 (Landing That Job!) and #35 (Putting Your Best Foot Forward). Non-learning lab participants allowed too!


The Path to Success | Austin Hall 270 | Panel
Scott Cassidy (A Storage Place), Suzanne Bodlovic (State Farm Insurance), and Jeff Bernasconi (Formfactor) will discuss their path to success.

Pitch to a Professional! | Austin Hall 300 | Meet-up Sales Club Only
Learn how to pitch a professional with Mark Nyman (Foodguys).
Please note final location.

Visual Storytelling | 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Gain insight on visual storytelling from Darryl Lai (Oregon State Productions).

How to Eat Well in the Wilderness | 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
John Damon (OFD Foods) will talk about the tips and tricks to eating well in the wilderness.

11:00 am 

The Right Tools for the Job | Austin Hall 274 | Meet-up
Hear from Ben Rivera (Leatherman Tool Group) about acquiring and honing the right tools for the job.

Healthcare Policy for the 21st Century | Austin Hall 274 | Meet-up
The Healthcare industry is ever-changing, so learn about the current state of the market with Leslie Fox (Johnson & Johnson).

The Future of Performance Apparel Design  | 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Gina Patterson, from Columbia Sportswear, will discuss the current trends and future outlook for the apparel design industry.

Timber! The Business of Forest Products | Austin Hall 124 | Meet-up
Gain insight on the business of forest product from John Vranizan (American International Forest Products).

The Art of the Sale | Austin Hall 270 | Panel
Keith Dragoo and Brady Sahnow (Northwestern Mutual), Scott Cassidy (A Storage Place), and Mark Nyman (Foodguys) will illustrate the art of the sale.

Careers with State Farm Austin Hall 126 | Meet-up
Suzanne Bodlovic, a State Farm Agent, will outline possible career paths with State Farm. 

Telling the University Story | Austin Hall 222 | Meet-up | SYE Learning Lab #6 ONLY
Hear Darryl Lai (Oregon State Productions) describe the interesting and unique story of the University.
Meets requirements for SYE Learning Lab #6 (Marketing Major Exploration).

12:00 pm

Need money? COB Scholarships Could Help | Austin Hall 222 | Advising Workshop
Need help paying for your college education?  Come to this workshop to learn all about the College of Business Scholarships, who should apply, the application process and timing as well as hints for creating a competitive application.

LinkedIn - A Professional Perspective | Austin Hall 200 | PPL Workshop
A very special LinkedIn Session taught by Leslie Fox, Healthcare Policy and Advocacy Director at Johnson & Johnson
Meets requirements for SYE Learning Lab #1 (COB Major Overview- Finding the Right Fit). Non-learning lab participants allowed too!

Bullseye: Careers with Target | Austin Hall 124 | Meet-up

1:00 pm 

Leadership Development and Mentorship | Austin Hall 222 
This workshop will detail how Target forms and enhances personal leadership based on the core 4 Styles of Leadership. It will also cover how being or having a mentor is crucial to growing and developing in the business world.
Meets requirements for FYE Learning Lab # 37 (Leadership Development) and SYE Learning Lab #5 (Management Major Exploration). Non-learning lab participants allowed too!

How to Turn Your Passion for the Outdoors into a Career | Austin Hall 270 | Panel
Gina Patterson (Columbia Sportswear), Ben Rivera (Leatherman Tool Group) and John Damon (OFD Foods) will talk about turning your passions related to the outdoors into a career.

Setting Financial Goals | Austin Hall 274 | Panel
Keith Dragoo and Brady Sahnow (Northwestern Mutual) and Suzanne Bodlovic (State Farm Insurance) will discuss setting financial goals.

International Supply Chain Logistics | 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Learn about supply chain logistics on an international level Jeff Bernasconi (Formfactor).

12:00 - 5:00 pm

Fridays Out There  |  Alsea Falls
Get outside! Enjoy a trip to scenic Alsea Falls.