WEEK 3: October 8-12

Tuesday, October 9:

Jon Iverson, Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm & Vineyard | Austin Hall 390
Hear from Jon Iverson about growing his family's agricultural enterprise into a regional entertainment destination. Open to all students.
RSVP Here: 6:00 PM

Wednesday, October 10:

Treasure Heinle, VP of Global Human Resources at Nike | Austin Hall 183
OSU Management Association SHRM Presents: Treasure Heinle, VP of Global Human Resources at Nike. She will be discussing Nikes Global HR field as well as the challenges that she faces in her position. Open to all students.
RSVP Here: 6:00 PM

Thursday, October 11:

Women in Leadership Speaker Series | Austin Hall 222 
Join Rachel Finch, from the Career Development Center, and Dan Ziriax, from the College of Business Career Sucess Center, in an interactive resume and LinkedIn workshop to prepare you for the upcoming career fair on 10/18. Bring a copy of your resume and a laptop to participate.
RSVP Here: 6:00 PM

LaunchU Speaker Series | Austin Hall 100
Ann Schneider of Tried & True Coffee Company and Bespoken Coffee Roaster will talk about how "There's No Such Thing as Perfect Timing".  Ann currently runs all of the social media for both businesses, is the HR department, events coordinator, donations coordinator, interior designer, and helps with financials/payroll. Come learn from her experience!
RSVP Here: 6:00 PM

Social Impact Club Speaker Series | Austin Hall 126
Aslan Noakes from Empower Haiti Together will be speaking about her business, Empower Haiti Together, and screening the film Poverty Inc.
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Friday, October 12:

Alumni & Corporate Executive Meet-Ups: Leadership | Austin Hall | 10:00 AM & 12:00 PM 
Open to students in Personal, Professional and Leadership Development courses. Your instructor will provide more information on which meet-up to attend. 

Math Midterm Study Session | Weatherford EG01
Taking math 111 or 241? Come to this College of Business hosted midterm study session to help prepare you for your math midterm next week!
RSVP Here: 10:00 AM

ROTC Workshop | Austin Hall 270 | Presentation
Interested in becoming an Army Officer? See what it takes to earn your commission as a Second Lieutenant and then serve in the Army. Learn about the 2- or 3- year ROTC scholarship. Come in and find out about eligibility requirements, acceptable degrees, how to join, specific jobs upon commissioning, service obligation, and pay and benefits as a full-time or part-time Army Officer. There is no service obligation for taking the first two years of ROTC classes.
RSVP Here: 11:00 AM