WEEK 4: APRIL 23-27

Wednesday, April 25

Beta Alpha Psi Presents: Jordan Bianco, Senior Financial Accountant for Alaska Airlines | Austin Hall 183 | Presentation
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm

Thursday, April 26

Study Tables

Study Tables | Austin Hall 216 (Math) | Austin Hall 274 (Writing)
Study for an hour with assistance from a Math or Writing tutor.
RSVP Here for Math: 6:00 pm
RSVP Here for Writing: 6:00 pm


Drew Anderson, Senior Controller, Georgia Pacific | Austin Hall Marketplace Meet-up 
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Launch U Speaker Series: Doug Cooke, Ziba | Austin Hall 100 | Presentation
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Women In Leadership (WIL) Speaker Series: Oriana Mulatero, Speech Communications | Austin Hall 222 | Presentation
Oriana, a GTA in the speech communications department here at OSU, will be leading a workshop on how to combine empowerment, leadership, and improv.
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm

LinkedIn Workshop: Building a LinkedIn Profile to Make Recruiters Take Notice! | Austin Hall 260 | Presentation
Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression on future employers! Learn the best strategies on keeping it up to date and how to write engaging content that will grab their attention! 
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm

Understanding Your Financial Aid Award Letter | Austin Hall 200 | Presentation
For all of you financial aid recipients, come to this interactive workshop to learn the “why” behind your award letter, to understand what it actually means, and to get connected to resources and information to make an informed decision about student loan borrowing. Bring your financial aid questions!!
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm

Committees 101: How to be an effective group member | Austin Hall 226 | Presentation
Do you find it hard to delegate? Are the leaders in your organization always doing everything? Committees will allow your organization to be more productive, will allow members to choose activities that interest them, and can serve as training grounds for future leaders. Learn how to create and run effective committees with this workshop.
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Information Sessions

Sports Business Club Information Session | Austin Hall 270
What is Sports Business? How did this club begin? Learn all about this new club and how you can get involved and become a member. This event will feature interactive brainstorming sessions with club leadership and potential members. Come with ideas! 
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Friday, April 27

Study Tables

Study Tables | Austin Hall 216 (Math) | Austin Hall 274 (Writing)
Study for an hour with assistance from a Math or Writing tutor.
RSVP Here for Math: 10:00 am  | 12:00 pm
RSVP Here for Writing: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm


Kim Pendergrass, Nvoicepay | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-up
Do you have an artistic side that you've always wanted to integrate into the business world? Meet with Kim and learn about how her skills contributed to a record breaking 105% growth rate for one year with Nvoicepay!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am 12:00 pm

Randal Smith, College of Business | What You Need to Know about Studying Supply Chain and Logistics Management | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-up
OSU professors have valuable advice for students that extends beyond the classroom! Come listen to Randal Smith and get the inside scoop on the best ways to study for upcoming exams. 
​RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm

John Holman, Sherwin Williams | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-up
John is a strong believer in being a hands on leader! Learn about how Human Resources is a vital part of a succesful business strategy!
​RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm

The Value of Hands-on Internships | Austin Hall 260 | Meet-Up
Hear from Polly Lisicak about being an intern with Oregon State Productions. 
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Pursuing Passions through Campus Media | Austin Hall 300 | Meet-Up
Madeleine Smith, Student Producer, will talk with you about working for the ORANGE MEDIA NETWORK.
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Producing a TV Variety Show on Campus: The Story, The Challenges, and the Fun Behind it | Austin Hall 260 | Meet-Up
Talk to Polly Lisicak, ORANGE MEDIA NETWORK Student Producer about an incredible internship experience!
RSVP Here: 12:00 pm 

Considering Law School after Business School? | Austin Hall 300 | Meet-up
Dr. Dan Lykins will talk to you about the choice to attend law school after completing your Business degree.
RSVP Here: 12:00 pm


Innovation at Portland General Electric | Austin Hall 270 Panel
The energy  industry is faced with new challenges and exciting opportunities driven by changing customer expectations, rapidly evolving technology and new competitors. Join us as we discuss the business of meeting our customer’s need for an energy product that is not only  safe, reliable and affordable but one that is also cleaner and more secure. Refreshments provided!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am 

Global Merchandising and Sales at Nike | Austin Hall 226 | Panel
Hear from two Nike Vice Presidents to learn about successful strategies and methods of this global athletic wear enterprise. Matt Bolte and Tim Sheerin will answer your questions about the company and what it is like to work for Nike.
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm

Careers in Banking | Austin Hall 222 | Panel
Learn about the banking industry from three President & CEO's of banking insitutions. Panelists include Jeff Bailey (Bank of Eastern Oregon), Linda Navarro (Oregon Bankers Association) and Gordon Zimmerman (Citizens Bank). 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm


Elizabeth Mills, OSU Global Opportunities | Austin Hall 200 | Presentation
Interested in Global Opportunities?  Come listen to Elizabeth Mills talk on the "The 4 P's of International Internships" at 10:00 am and "Outbound: how to job search for overseas positions" at 12:00 pm.
​RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm

Get Going | Austin Hall 222 | Presentation
Interested in studying abroad?  Learn about programs specifically for Business and Design majors that can fit into your graduation plan.  Returning students or visiting exchange students may join the session to share about their experiences or their culture.  Get the most up to date information about the application process, your next steps and what it’s like to study abroad through the College of Business! Appropriate for all students to attend. 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am