Week 5: APRIL 30 - MAY 4

Thursday, May 3

Study Tables

Study Tables | Austin Hall 216 (Math) | Austin Hall 274 (Writing)
Study for an hour with assistance from a Math or Writing tutor.
RSVP Here for Math: 6:00 pm
RSVP Here for Writing: 6:00 pm


Launch U Speaker Series: Anthony Miller, The Knowledge Coop | Austin Hall 100 | Presentation
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm | Website 

Women In Leadership (WIL) Speaker Series: Juliana Lukasik, @Large Films | Austin Hall 222 | Presentation
Juliana has been in the film business for over 20 years and has  produced & directed commercial projects that have won Emmy, Addy, and Telly Awards. She is also the Principal and Owner of @Large Films a national commercial production company based in Portland, Oregon. Clients include Nintendo of America and Banfield Pet Hospital among others. 
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm | Website | LinkedIn 

Handshake 101 | Austin Hall 200 | Presentation
Are you looking for a job or internship this summer or after Graduation? If you are and would like some direction on where to look, how to search and what career options are available to you, come join us for this workshop.  We will talk about the job search platform Handshake.  You will get the opportunity to look at your Handshake profile, search for positions and internship, learn how to manipulate your search criteria to help you locate great career opportunities.
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm

Interview with Confidence | Austin Hall 226 | Presentation 
Do you get nervous when you interview?  Do you find yourself walking out of an interview and wishing you had said more, done more?  Come and listen to Rachel Finch, Director of External Relations at Career Development Center at OSU. She will give you tips to help you walk into any interview with confidence and strength!  
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm

Social Change | Austin Hall 270 | Presentation
Discover how to foster change by exploring the Social Change Leadership model. We will talk about why people tend to be resistant to change, as well as tips for helping you to prepare and plan for effective change.
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm


Dam Good Self-Care (Presented by OSU Counseling & Psychological Services) | Austin Hall 260 
Dam Good Self-Care is a 50-minute workshop on stress management. Stress is an extremely common issue and unless it is effectively managed, it can take a toll on physical and mental health. This workshop focuses on tips and skills for immediate stress relief as well as long-term stress management strategies that can help keep stress under control.
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Friday, May 4

Study Tables

Study Tables |  Austin Hall 216 (Math)  | Austin Hall 274 (Writing)
Study for an hour with assistance from a Math or Writing tutor.
RSVP Here for Math: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm
RSVP Here for Writing: 10:00 am |  12:00 pm


Paula Oblen, Hotelements & Special Spaces Orange County | Austin Hall 176 | Meet-up
Hear from CEO and Founder of Hotelements on how designing spaces creates an experience that goes way beyond the aesthetic. Paula will speak about inventive content marketing and design inspiration. 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am

Brent Wagner, Packaging Corp of America | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital CommonsMeet-up
Meet Brent and discuss how customer relationships can sometimes be more important than the physical product that is being sold. 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Lanell Nolf, Precision Castparts | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-up
Want to work for a globally recognized company? Hear from Lanell about Precision Castparts' two year rotational program that is designed to develop future leaders for their team!
​RSVP Here: 10:00 am 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Kim Renner and Angela Pierce, Ferguson  | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-up
With over $15 billion is sales, Ferguson is known for their world-class service in residential plumbing supplies. Talk with Kim and Angela for tips on how to master customer service in any industry! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Jon Scanlan, Bi-Mart | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Bi-Mart is a community focused company that serves families across the Northwest! Learn from Jon about how Bi-Mart has managed to differentiate themselves from other popular convienient stores!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Jody White, Express Employment Professionals | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Jody has over 20 years of sales and leadership experience that she wants to share with you! As an Oregon State Alumni, she is excited to share her stories and advice with fellow beaver fans. 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm

Amy Phelps, Lulu Lemon | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Have you ever wondered what it takes to work for an industry leader? Amy is the Talent Manager for Lululemon and has a passion for people! You won't want to miss this networking opportunity! 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Website 

Gina Patterson, Columbia Sportswear and Cara Babcock, Browzwear | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Are you passionate about people and the outdoors? Learn more about Columbia's values and how they are constantly working to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products! 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Website

Lily Ma, Columbia Sportswear | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Are you passionate about people and the outdoors? Learn more about Columbia's values and how they are constantly working to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly products!
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Website

Ken Black, Retired Nike VP | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
Ken recently retired from his VP of Digital Design Future position at Nike! Discuss the importance of building work relationships and how design thinking is critical for any business industry! 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am

Stephen Erdmann, Cambia Health | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
With over 20 years of experience in business design, Stephen is currently the GM/VP Human Performance and WellBeing for Cambia Health! Learn more about one of the first business innovation teams specifically tasked to improve healthcare in the United States!
RSVP Here: 11:00 am

Nicole Misiti, The Felt Hat | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
After working as a design consultant for Widen + Kennedy, Nicole founded the Felt Hat! She has two decades worth of experence in strategic design and branding, has lead multiple creative teams for well known companies and is passionate about telling her story. You won't want to miss out on meeting Nicole! 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am

Sonrisa Sonnleitner, Neil Kelly | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
Sonrisa landed her title of Senior HR Generalist and Recruiting Manager at Neil Kelly by exercising her ability to identify strengths in others and build effective teams that enhance those skills. Learn how she works to constantly improve the HR environment by making it more approachable and accessible for employees! 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am


Portfolio Workshop for Design Majors | Austin Hall 183 | Presentation
In this workshop, COB faculty will talk about the basics of putting together a portfolio, show examples of good portfolios, and even share feedback from professionals on portfolio examples. Design majors will not want to miss this! This is a general workshop, but you will be able to ask discipline-specific questions.
RSVP Here: 10:00 am

Alternative Industries for your Career | Austin Hall 226 | Presentation
Many Industry leaders have found their successful career outside of their chosen degree.  Come hear from one such example: Rachel Finch, Director of External Relations at the Career Development Center at OSU, graduated with a degree in Business Management, yet ended up working in Higher Education. 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am 

Using MyDegrees to Stay on Track | Austin Hall 200 | Presentation 
This workshop is geared to make sure sophomores and 2 second year Pre-Business and Pre-Design students understand how to use MyDegrees to stay on track. In this workshop we will review how to sign up for classes, pre-requisites and timing, when to register for classes and touch on the academic planning function. Appropriate for first year students.
RSVP Here: 11:00 am

Andy Steves: Weekend Student Adventures Abroad | Austin Hall 183 | Presentation
Andy Steves will be sharing some of the latest tips and insights picked up from a million steps and 5 months on the road, touring thirteen amazing European cities. You can look forward to fun stories, stupid jokes and a load of practical tips to get the most out of your time and money on adventures through Europe! Andy will also share insights from his experience winning Notre Dame's business plan competition, pitching ABC's Shark Tank, and launching and running a travel start up right after college.
First and Second Year Students RSVP Here (for credit): 12:00 pm
All other students RSVP Here (not for credit): 12:00 pm

Paula Oblen, Hotelements & Special Spaces Orange County | Austin Hall 270 | Presentation
Paula will discuss how an entrepreneurial journey led to the intersection of Interior Design and Philanthropy- "Changing Children's Lives One Bedroom at a Time."
RSVP Here: 12:00 pm

Q&A Sessions

Design Operations at Nike | Austin Hall 270 | Moderated Q&A
Learn from Janet Moss (Director of Women's Apparel), Drake Ramberg (Design Operations), and Allyson Richwine (Design Operations) as they answer questions about working in the world of apparel and design. 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am

Mike Golub, Portland Timbers | Austin Hall 222 | Moderated Q&A
Dean's Executive Series
Under Mike Golub’s guidance, the Timbers have indelibly changed the landscape of sports in Portland, while becoming a national success story and a model professional sports franchise. Come learn from the President of Business of the Timbers!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm