Week 6: May 7-11

Thursday, May 10:

Study Tables

Study Tables | Austin Hall 216 (Math) | Austin Hall 274 (Writing)
Study for an hour with assistance from a Math or Writing tutor.
RSVP Here for Math: 6:00 pm
RSVP Here for Writing: 6:00 pm 


SYE student Engagement Latte's & Biscotti | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
You are the foundation of all we do on the Student Engagement Team in the College of Business, and your experience matters! Join Sandy Neubaum, our Director of Student Engagement, and members of her team for light snacks and conversation. Come provide feedback on your experiences and help shape current and future programming for all students in the College of Business! 
Second Year Students, please!
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm


Launch U Speaker Series: Adam Allen, Wildish | Austin Hall 100 | Presentation
As the founder of Wildish, Adam will share his background in developing an outdoor experience through products and community! Adam also stresses the importance of being spontaneous and "playing forever." 
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm | Website

Women In Leadership (WIL) Speaker Series: Diane Fraiman, Voyager Capital | Austin Hall 222 | Presentation
Diane Fraiman, a partner from Voyager Captial, will speak on what it takes to get money from a Venture Capitalist. She will touch on how being a woman has influnced her nearly 30 year career of trailblazeing.
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm

The Power of Social Media & Marketing | Austin Hall 200 | Presentation
Social media is changing the way brands interact with consumers.  In this interactive workshop, learn about the impact social media is having on the world of marketing through a discussion of techniques and real world examples. 
RSVP Here: 6:00 pm


InnovationX Mentor-Mentee Mixer: Find a mentor who can help get your idea off the ground | Austin Hall 126
The InnovationX Mentor-Mentee Mixer offers OSU students the opportunity to meet prospective mentors who are seasoned entrepreneurs, innovators or experts in their fields selected to host short one-on-one coaching sessions. The InnovationX Mentor-Mentee Mixer is open to any OSU student – first-year through graduate school, and of any major or academic discipline – who seeks to connect with prospective mentors to get a new idea off the ground. Mentors offer advice, tips and guidance via a speed coaching format that’s fast and fun as students and mentors get the chance to meet, connect and initiate longer-term mentorships. Visit http://entrepreneurship.oregonstate.edu/ for more details and resources to help you move your ideas forward.
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Friday, May 11:

Study Tables

Study Tables | Austin Hall 216 (Math) | Austin Hall 274 (Writing)
Study for an hour with assistance from a Math or Writing tutor.
RSVP Here for Math: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm 
RSVP Here for Writing: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm


Richard Campo, Camden | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-Up
As the CEO of one of the nation's largest multi-family Real Estate Investment Trust, Richard has experience and valuable advice regarding the real estate industry. 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Ben Berry, Bonneville Power Administration | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
With over 25 experience in planning, leading and transforming high tech systems for government and civilian organizations, Ben has advice for any department you are wanting to join! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Tim Jakubowski, KPMG | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
Oregon State alumni Tim Jakubowski is returning to give you the inside scoop on how to secure an interview with the top accounting firms! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Karissa Johnson, SureID | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
Wanting a career in front and back end development? Come meet with Karissa and learn which coding applications she believes are the most beneficial!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Betsy Maust, Deloitte | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
As one of the Big 4 accounting firms, Deloitte offers careers in consulting, taxes, growth enterprise and more! You won't want to miss this opportunity to talk with Betsy!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Erik Pearson, Huron Consulting Group | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
Erik has always been community driven and works to applying his knowledge and experiences to positively impact those around him. Learn how he has implemented these skills to build lasting relationships with clients!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Aaron Petrous, eROI | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
Working for a digital marketing agency requires creativity, flexibility and a strong work ethic! Listen to Aaron as he describes what it's like to work for a firm! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Kim Sather, Samaritan Health Services | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-up
Are you a health conscious individual with a love for business? Join this meet up and learn about a career in which these industries collide! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Doug Stearns, Standard Insurance Company | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Talk with Doug about how integrity, determination and teamwork are the most important skills to practice for any career path. 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Frank Sampson, Kipe Technology Resources (Retired) | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Kipe Technology Resources practices smart hiring, have a conversation with Frank and learn tips and tricks to getting hired in the technology industry!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | Website

Amer Ben Younes, Daimler | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
From Oregon State Student to Project Manager for the leading vehicle manufacturing company, Amer is excited to share his journey from college to career!
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Website

Joe Markgraf, SAP Americas | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
SAP is at the heart of the business and technology revolution with over 300,000 customers worldwide. Joe will be here to talk to you about streamline programs that can benefit any company! 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Website

Madeline Mill, Deloitte | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
Are you a people person? Learn how Madeline secured her title as Senior Consultant by building client relationships!
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Website

Rebecca Prewitt, Nike | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
If working for Nike has always been a dream for you, sign up to talk with Rebecca! She graduated from Oregon State University with Business Administration and Management Information Systems degrees and has a lot to share about working for a high profile company! 
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Nike

Alex Thorpe, Cambia Health | Austin Hall Marketplace | Meet-up
As the Assistant Director of Innovation, Alex uses creativity and research skills to deliver solutions that encourage businesses to make health care more consumer focused!
RSVP Here: 11:00 am | Website

Areena McLaughlin, Perkins Accounting | Austin Hall 2nd Floor Digital Commons | Meet-Up
Curious about a career in accounting? Come talk to Areena about the versitile responsibilities and creative aspects of working in a firm! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Carla Ng, Wiley Efficient Learning | Austin Hall 300 | Meet-Up
Carla will be talking truth about the CPA exam and provide tips on how to pass it! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Vio Olivier, Mike Meade, and Mitch Matteson, PWC  | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Wanting to work for a Big 4 accounting firm? They want to talk to you! You won't want to miss this networking opportunity. 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Michelle Markoya, Accounting Search Partners  | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Not only is Michelle an OSU Alumni, but she is the founder and director of Executive Search for Accounting and Finance firms! There's no one better to give you the inside scoop on the industry! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website

Kim Alden, Starbucks | Austin Hall 126 | Meet-up
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am | 12:00 pm

Penny Atkins, Alta Consulting LLC | Austin Hall 3rd Floor Atrium | Meet-up
Meet with Penny and discuss why leadership and teamwork is one of the most important skills that firms are looking for in future employees! 
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 12:00 pm | Website


MBA Info Session | Austin Hall 270 | Presentation
Attend this presentation to see if Oregon State University's MBA program is for you!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am

Design Study Abroad opportunities  | Austin Hall 222 | Presentation 
This session will be especially useful for pre-design students planning for pro-school and future terms. Do you know the best term to study abroad as a design student? Are you aware of the process for studying abroad? Join the design advisors as they help to answer these questions and explore the opportunities for studying abroad as a design student. Appropriate for Design Students. 
RSVP Here: 12:00 pm

Panels and Mentoring

Business Analytics Panel | Austin Hall 226 | Panel
Come hear from Business Analytics Professionals about this exciting field. There will be a panel, followed by a Q&A session.
RSVP Here: 10:00 am- 11:45 am

Business Information Systems Panel | Austin Hall 222Panel
Meet with a panel of BIS professionals (BIS@OSU alumni and BIS Advisory Council members) to learn about careers in today’s BIS world, get some advice on how to start and proceed in building a BIS career, and what to look out for in the BIS world in the near future. Bring your questions! Panelists include representatives from Daimler, Deloitte, Nike, KPMG, and more!
RSVP Here: 10:00 am | 11:00 am

Beyond the Numbers: Benefits of Having a Mentor | Austin Hall 390 and Austin Hall 100
We hear a lot about mentoring. But do you know what the benefits are of having a mentor? How can a mentor help you professionally? Personally? Join us for a panel discussion with successful professionals that HAVE mentors, and that ARE mentors. Hear examples of the ways their successful careers have been impacted through mentoring relationships. Talk about what to look for in a mentor, and how a mentoring relationship can benefit YOU! There will be time for Q&A, then we’ll move to Austin Hall Rm 100 for small group discussion with the panelists, (DOUGHNUTS), and an opportunity to network and further connect with our panel members. There will be panelists from companies like Delap, Morgan Stanley, Intel, Nike, and more!
RSVP Here for the Panel (AH 390): 10:00 am
RSVP Here for the Networking Session (AH 100): 11:00 am