Amanda Terhes

C2C Director
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Office: 541-713-8041

Weatherford Hall

Weatherford Hall EG06

300 SW 26th Street

300 SW 26th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331

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College of Business
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Amanda Terhes is the Director of the Close to the Customer Project (C2C). The C2C Project provides market research services to a variety of professional clients and is part of the Austin Entrepreneurship Program in the College of Business. Amanda earned her M.A. degree in Applied Anthropology at Oregon State University. Amanda’s focus is on qualitative research methods with an emphasis on the development and sustainability of non-profit organizations. Prior to joining C2C she served as Director of Alumni Relations at two Oregon universities and is using her experience in alumni relations to help develop C2C's !dentify Enthusiasm Scoring.

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